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This church, dedicated as Corpus Christi, the first church in the country to have this dedication after the Protestant Reformation, was built “as an act of reparation for the indignities offered to the Blessed Sacrament in this country in the sixteenth century and since”? That Cardinal Manning stated at the opening Mass on the 20th October 1974, “a sanctuary has been opened to be specifically devoted to the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament”?

That the great Catholic hymns, “Sweet Sacrament Divine” and “O Sacred Heart” were both written at Corpus Christi for this church? That’s not surprising when you see the statue of the Sacred Heart in the porch with outstretched arms, waiting to embrace those who enter: and in the mystery of the Real Presence, Our Lord waits for us in the tabernacle of the church, dedicated to His Divine Presence in the Eucharist.

These facts make Corpus Christi a unique place in the Catholic Church: it tells us that we have a very particular part to play in the place of the Mass and Eucharistic Devotion in the Catholic Church – and that it is a very particular place to come to Mass. Enjoy your time at Mass and when you visit.

Fr Alan Robinson

Let us pray for the faithful departed

As is Catholic custom, there are envelopes at the back of the church, along with intention sheets for the Masses we shall offer during November for the faithful departed in Purgatory. Please take these and return them with your offering as soon as possible. This is a great ministry in which we can all share.

Fr Alan Robinson

Sacramental preparation

If you are interested in any sacramental preparation, including looking at the possibility of becoming a Catholic, please contact me: I’d be delighted to discuss this with you.