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London Citizens

Our Parish has now been an active member of Citizens for over twenty years and we support it financially every year. During the pandemic, like everyone else, Citizens has had to resort to building community alliances via zoom and other digital platforms. But despite this, the London Network is strong and getting stronger, as demonstrated by the last Assembly which was run by some amazing young people, reflecting the vibrancy and rich diversity of our city.  Prior to this Assembly and in preparation for the Mayoral election in May 2021, people across all 260 members institutions had been asking the question:

What is putting pressure on you and the people you care about?

The result is a detailed bottom-up clarification of five issues of major concern. They have shaped London Citizens 2021 Manifesto and will form the basis for a debate at

Citizens Mayoral Assembly on 28th April 6pm – 7.30pm.

Labour and Conservative candidates, Sadiq Khan and Shaun Bailey, will both be there to respond to our priority demands which are:

Youth Safety:

  • Building on the community-led training that Citizen fought for at the last election, we want improvements in police scrutiny and accountability
  • We want a Parent Commissioner to ensure that parents’ voices are heard
  • We want more resources to tackle the problem of school exclusions across the city.

Housing and Homelessness:

  • We want more genuinely affordable housing, with a commitment to ensure 60% social housing in new developments and funding for Community Land Trusts
  • We want more support for projects that are helping the homeless and other people who have no recourse to public resources
  • We want ‘short-term’ accommodation to mean just that by 2030, and meanwhile to be required to meet much higher standards.

Just Transition:

We want the Mayor to tackle poverty, inequality and climate change through a green agenda……..

  • By creating 60,000 good green jobs that will restore housing and open space throughout the city
  • By upgrading 100,000 homes and thus lifting low income families out of fuel poverty by 2030.

Welcome and Sanctuary:

  • We want undocumented Londoners to be helped to settle their immigration status by having access to good legal advice and financial support to cover the costs of citizenship for their children
  • We want the provision of ESOL classes to be increased and made more accessible
  • We want a central reporting system for all hate crime.

Wages and Hours:

Although our Living Wage campaign has led to 6,000 LW employers nationally and put more than £1 billion back into the pockets of 212,000 low wage earners, 75% of care workers are paid below the LW and 28% of Londoners are still paid poverty wages.

  • We want the Mayor to commit to making London, within the next three years, the first Living Wage city in the country
  • And to make the GLA a Living Wage employer.

You can view the draft London Citizens 2021 Manifesto for London HERE

We will send out details and a link to the ASSEMBLY asap – do try to join us. And remember………………..

If you’re not at the table, you’re probably on the menu!!!

For more information contact: tricia@zipfel.uk.com or martin.mcenery@outlook.com