Deaney Meeting

The Parish of St. Patrick’s is part of the Deanery of Brent which consist of 11 parishes and Chaplaincies. Each month there is a Deanery meeting with each parish taking it in turn to host it. Various topics are discussed at these meetings pertaining among many others; the life of Priests and their Ministries, Liturgical matters, Finance, Education, Schools, etc. The June meeting is usually held at St. Patrick’s and weather permitting lunch is served in the garden by volunteers in the parish, (this year the Del Rosario Family provided us with delicious filipino food).

The main topic for discussion at the business meeting was on Catholic Schools can be a real force for good in tackling knife crime in our local area. The Head Teacher of Cardinal Newman School, Mr Danny Doyle gave a passionate presentation opening up a lively discussion of how schools and parishes can become involved.

The pictures and facts below give a flavour of the day. At our next Parish Finance Meeting we will discuss how we here at St. Patrick’s may look to having a Knife Bin installed.

Meeting in Parish garden