Diocesan Annual Accounts 2018

The grace of Christ builds on all that is good in our nature. If we are to be effective in serving our neighbours, then our actions must take root from Him.

A cathedral rose window is an apt image of this relationship. With their symmetrical motif of petals surrounding the central image of Christ, they radiate harmony and help us keep focused on what He calls us to do. Each petal depicts images of the work that we must do to serve and support each other, for in this way we achieve our salvation.

A less exalted rose window, but one that is also inspiring, was assembled in front of our Cathedral in recent times. It was made up of discarded plastic bottles, demonstrating that what might be discarded can create a thing of beauty. As individuals, we may at times feel tired, or even like something discarded, yet even then we can contribute to a work of beauty. As members of the public pedalled stationary bicycles, the window was illuminated and shone brightly.  So too, when we work for each other, we can make each other sparkle. 

That is what we strive to do in all our work in the diocese, supporting our parishes and schools, and the wider communities in which they are rooted. It is also at the heart of what we do to serve the most vulnerable in our society, whether it is by standing up for their rights, offering practical support, or extending a hand in friendship and solidarity. It is through upholding the dignity of every individual, no matter their abilities or shortcomings, and by focusing on Christ that together we can create a work of art that sparkles.

In the pages of this Annual Report are the stories of individuals, groups and communities who strive daily to illuminate our world by their actions. I commend them to you.

I am most grateful to them for shining unto our society their much-needed light. I extend my gratitude, too, to those who compiled this Report and the Annual Accounts.

His Eminence Cardinal Vincent Nichols, Archbishop of Westminster

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