We realise that many of you will be in financial difficulty, but if you are able to donate while the church remain shut, you can do so either through Virgin Giving (click on button) or if you do online banking, then details of our Bank Account are in the ‘Donate to Parish’ button on the left of the screen.

Sunday 2nd August

See newsletter – from next week mandatory to wear face mask in church, unless you are unable to, as described in government guidelines.

Sunday 26th July

Contact tracing system.

In case we should ever have a case of COVID in our parish church, we have been asked to keep a record of who attends Mass each day, to help the NHS Test Track & Trace system.
As most coming are regular attenders, rather than giving you name and telephone number each time, from this weekend we are beginning a new, more efficient Test and Trace system. It will mean that you do not have to give your name and phone number every time you come to Mass; you will just give your personal number.

Please take a Test and Trace Contact Card from the table as you leave church, and fill in your details, one per household. Please then return the top section of the card to the parish office or leave in the basket. Keep the lower half at home so that you can remember your number.
All you will then have to do when you come to Mass is remember your number, give it to the steward and your number will be recorded.
As you will see on the card, all data will be stored in line with the Diocesan GDPR policy.

Social Distancing and Masks

Although the church has been marked out with seating 2 metres apart, the government and diocese have advised that as it is indoors and even though we are keeping 2 metres apart, they ask that all parishioners wear masks / face covering while in church to minimise the risk of virus transmission

Thank you for helping us play our part in keeping things safer.

Fr Michael

Sunday 19th July

Black Lives Matter: Cardinal Vincent Nichols has introduced a video on Being Black and Catholic. Watch it here.
The individual stories of the 4 people giving their experiences can be viewed at :
Rev Paschal:
Fr Joseph:


Please look at the ‘Latest Newsletter’ section (on left of screen) as I will continue to publish a ‘reflection’ each week

There are many internet resources which are being offered free, to help us spiritually in this time of lockdown.

Finally this period is a challenge to us all and never forget love of our neighbour.  Do look out for / keep in touch with elderly neighbours in case they need help.
If you are in a position to volunteer to help, then please send me your contact details via e-mail, so that I can ask for your help, should I hear of someone in trouble in our parish area.

If you are elderly / vulnerable and need help please call Fr Michael on 020 7286 2170 and he will do what he can.


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