Palmers green

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Welcome to the parish of St Monica, Palmers Green, which covers N13, N21 and part of N14. The parish was founded just over 100 years ago when the area was fairly rural and the Catholic population small. Since the 1950’s there has been a huge increase in house-building and in the number of Catholics moving out from the city. This means that we have a very diverse congregation of over 2,000 people attending Sunday Mass.

St Paul wrote to Timothy, Remember the Good News that I carry, Jesus Christ risen from the dead and that is what we seek to carry into our local community.

The Mass is the source and summit of our lives and, having 6 Masses each weekend helps us cater for all people with different styles of celebration.

From Baptism Preparation and Toddlers’ groups through to Seniors’ Groups and Bereavement Support, there is something for all ages.

So many of the activities in the parish are made possible by a large number of committed lay people, enabled by a small but visible Parish Team.

There are a variety of gifts but the same Spirit St Paul also wrote.

As Pastor of this great community of people with diverse gifts I welcome you and I hope that this website is of use to you. Although the population is fairly stable we welcome new parishioners every year. I pray that you will find a welcome, be led closer to Jesus Christ through this community and, in turn, help others to see Him at work in their lives.

God bless you.

Our postal address is The Presbytery, 1 Stonard Road, Palmers Green, London N13 4DJ.

You can contact us on 020 8886 9568.

Our email address is