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(8th January 2021)

Dear Parishioners,

During this latest lockdown, churches in England have been permitted to stay open and public Masses can continue to be held.

This decision has been met with mixed feelings and has prompted much debate, with many calling for all places of worship to voluntarily close. Below is a link to a letter from Bishop John Sherrington, from the Diocese of Westminster, explaining the Church’s position at this time.

Role of Churches In This Phase of The Pandemic

In light of the current phase of the pandemic and the anxiety is has created, together with consideration for the welfare of our parishioners and volunteers, there will be some changes to our weekly Mass schedule.

From Sunday 10th January until further notice, the church will be open as follows:

Sundays            9.30am               Public Mass  (LS)      Places must be booked for this Mass.

Sundays           11.30am               No Mass       This Mass will be cancelled until further notice.

Mondays         10.00am              Private Mass   (LS)        The church will be closed. Mass will be said without a congregation. Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament and Praying of the Rosary will follow at 10.30am.

Tuesdays         10.00am              Private Mass     (LS)      The church will be closed. Mass will be said without a congregation.

Wednesdays                               No Mass       The church will be closed.

Thursdays        10.00am             Public Mass   (LS)      No need to book for this Mass

Fridays             10.00am              Public Mass  (LS)        No need to book for this Mass

Saturdays          6.30pm              Public Mass                Places must be booked for this Mass

(LS) – These Masses will be livestreamed


This is a temporary change to our Mass schedule. We will continue to monitor the situation and keep you informed of any further changes.

Please remember that, at this time, there is no obligation to attend Sunday Mass, therefore please think carefully about coming to Mass. Please consider coming on a Thursday or Friday when Mass Attendance is usually lower. You can also now follow Mass online via our YouTube channel.

Please stay safe and be assured of my prayers for you all!

Fr Agustin



(Updated 17th December 2020)

You can now follow Mass from our church via our YouTube channel. You can search for us on YouTube or simply click the link below.

St John Fisher RC Church Perivale – YouTube




(Updated 17th December 2020)

You can now take a 360 degree virtual tour of our church by clicking on the link below.


If you have not visited before or seen how it looks since lockdown, this is a great way of exploring the inside of the building.

(Video courtesy of Carlos Correia)