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Cardinal's Mass
Mass with Cardinal Vincent Nichols  


We are located right on the edge of the busy A40: its six lanes of polluting noise and dirt in sharp contrast with the peace and tranquillity of the Church. In a way, this contrast is symbolic of the role of the Church in the community as a centre of worship and prayer, as a sign of all that makes life worth living, as a living proof that love is greater than self-interest.

The size of our Church and its peculiar location can be deceptive to the passer-by, for very few can imagine how busy and active our parish is. Today we have a very young and cosmopolitan congregation of about 650 parishioners who come to Mass each Sunday representing practically every nation of the world.

The Church is open every day for Mass and prayer and anyone is welcome: Catholics, other Christians, members of other Faiths, people of no faith at all – anyone who wants to spend a little time at peace, alone with God. Come and spend as much or as little time as you want and need.

  • Parish Priest: Fr. Agustin Conesa
  • Parish Office: Ana Hains
  • Parish Safeguarding Rep: Maura Lyons 




(Updated 17th December 2020)

You can now take a 360 degree virtual tour of our church by clicking on the link below.


If you have not visited before or seen how it looks since lockdown, this is a great way of exploring the inside of the building.

(Video courtesy of Carlos Correia)