Baptism Course

The birth of a child is surely a big transformation in the life of the parents and in the whole family.

The pregnancy, the preparation, the birth, the first weeks… the growing up… getting to know the little person who is now developing her/his own personality… amazing miracle!

God wants also to be part of that new history of life… God wants to embrace the little/big life of each one of us and let us know we are well made and well loved, no matter what!

And there is so much more God would like to tell us, about ourselves and about our children. Often with the rhythm of life, our Christian knowledge lies forgotten, as a book full of dust on our bookshelf, or as a routine well kept out of our daily worries, longings and decisions.

One of the promises parents make when a young child is baptised is that he or she will be brought up as a catholic. Obviously, they cannot do this if they are not practising their faith themselves. In other words, if they have stopped coming to Mass every week, they are not creating the conditions for their child to be baptised. That doesn’t mean that the Church refuses to baptise, but it does mean that the baptism may be delayed. We will do everything we can to work with people to overcome whatever the problem is that is resulting in their not coming regularly to Mass. Come and talk with the Parish Priest about it.


We ask parents to attend a baptism preparation course with other parents. It consists of two 1 hour sessions and courses are held 3/4 Times a year. We have two married couples (Steve and Anna Marie and Martin & Anna Nee) who take it in turns to run the course. Baptism application forms are available in the porch, fill it in and give it to Fr. Agustin.

Both parents should attend the course; godparents are welcome but do not have to come. We are not able to cope with children on the course, so you will need to arrange a baby-sitter.

The registration dates are going to be announced in our weekly Newsletter close to the beginning of the courses.


If you would like to book a place on the course please fill in the Registration Form available in the Church’s foyer and return it to the Parish Office (No. 41) or give it to Fr. Agustin. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate children during the Baptism Course so please arrange babysitting.