First Reconciliation, Holy Communion Programme



Programme Update  (May 2020)

Dear Parents,

As you are aware, it is not yet possible for us to come together for public gatherings in church therefore, I am afraid that at this time, I cannot say when the Holy Communion Masses will take place. I know some countries have started to open their churches, but that is not the case here and so we have to continue to be patient and wait for advice from the government and bishops.

Whenever we are able to re-open, it is likely that we will need to continue with social distancing. We may therefore need to reduce the number of children that can receive Holy Communion at the same Mass, as well as the number of family members and friends that can attend, so we need to prepare ourselves for that.

Many of the other precautions currently in place, such as washing hands, wearing a face covering, etc, are also likely to continue and we need to think about that too. We need to consider especially how we can safely give communion under both kinds – bread and wine.

Once we receive more advice about the re-opening of churches we will contact you again and share the plans for a possible parents meeting and rehearsals.


Although we do not have a date for the Holy Communion Masses, the preparation and teaching of the Catholic faith to our children must continue and together we need to keep the faith alive in them and in all of us.

With time going by, we have decided that it will not be possible to resume the Holy Communion lessons and so we would like you as parents to continue and finish the Holy Communion programme with your children at home.

Using the children’s book and your Parent’s Guide, we would like you to review lesson 9, which was the last lesson the children had together here at the church, and then complete lessons 10 and 11.

As well as the books, we have also produced some further notes for each lesson. Your child can read these on their own or with your assistance. (Copies of the additional notes have been sent to home addresses).

Please do not worry about giving a perfect lesson. What is important is spending time with your child, praying with them and answering their questions as best as you can. Share with them the experience of your First Holy Communion and your faith today. Share with them as much as you can about the church and what happens during a church service. All of these things are a good preparation for when they can return and enjoy their special day.

Children’s Books

I would like to see all the children’s books before we return for any meetings/rehearsals. Please ensure your child has completed their book to the best of their ability. Now is the time to review all the chapters and finish them or improve them. Once received, I will look through the books and will email you with some feedback.

Books need to be finished by the end of June and then delivered to the parish office between 1st – 8th July.

Please put the book in a plastic bag and deliver it to the parish office (No.41 Langdale Gardens) during the following times:

Monday – Friday               9:30 – 2:30           (Please do not deliver books at the weekend)

If you have any questions, please email or call the parish office.

Continue to stay safe and God bless.

Fr Agustin Conesa




Applications Update   (May 2020)

The application period for the next First Reconciliation/Holy Communion programme has been delayed this year due to the pandemic.

The application period is likely to open in late September 2020. The programme will therefore also start later than usual.

Further information will be published here and in our newsletter in due course.