St John Fisher Finance Summary 2019

Dear brothers and sisters,

Our Mission as a Parish community is to share the Good News of God’s unconditional love for every human being on earth; such is the mission of the Church: to be a light for the world and the salt of the earth. We fulfil our mission and become salt and light when we come together as a Parish community, brothers and sisters in Christ from all backgrounds and cultures, to share in the life of Christ, in his new and resurrected life.

As a parish we teach, educate in the faith, and prepare people of different age groups for the reception of the various Sacraments. We pray together, become pilgrims, celebrate the Sacraments, and grow and mature in faith as we journey together throughout the year. In all this we express our love for God because He has loved us first.

An important aspect of our mission is to reach out to others, specially those in need, the poor, the lonely, the sick and the elderly, here in our own area as well as those in far distant countries where our financial help and prayers are needed.

Please find in this presentation the Annual Review. I hope you will find it useful and please don’t hesitate to let me know your thoughts, comments or ask any questions. I’m deeply grateful to you all for your generous response to the Church’s needs and I look forward to taking part in the development of more parish initiatives and challenges.

God Bless you all,

Fr. Agustin

Perivale Parish – Finance Summary 2019