Holy Spirit Prayer Video for Pentecost and Other Updates

As we continue our journey towards Pentecost, Fr Pat Browne and Patrick Van Der Vost have prepared a video meditation on the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, using Christian art and music. The video was prepared to help us as we spend time in prayer on the Vigil of Pentecost, as the Cardinal has encouraged us to do. It can be found at Please share this link with your parishioners. **

A link to the video is also available on the diocesan website, and you are welcome to share the link on your parish websites and social media. To share on these platforms, please use:

The Cardinal’s video message for Pentecost is also available on our website. Should you wish to include a link to the Cardinal’s video on your parish websites and social media, please use

Mary’s Meals

As we all know the coronavirus pandemic is causing many challenges and we are very sorry that we aren’t able to visit any churches at this time to share the Mary’s Meals story.

However, our founder, Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow, has recorded a special message for your parishioners.

You can find his message, filmed outside the shed in Argyll where it all began for Mary’s Meals, here.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need the message in another format, or if you would like a copy of one of our moving films, Child 31 and Generation Hope, to share with your parishioners. A children’s activity pack, based on the story of Mary’s Meals, is also available to download here.

We are keeping all priests, parishioners and churches in our prayers.

Streaming at St Luke’s

Streaming at St Luke’s

As you are aware the Parish intends to commence live streaming of our daily and weekend Masses and other services, in this way enabling those unable to attend in person to be included.

• The streaming service will be provided by Church Services TV, which provides streaming services for a number of other Catholic parishes.
• there will be one fixed camera, above the main door to the church, and it will focus on and cover the whole of the altar and also the area where the priest generally stands to deliver the sermon.
• it will also have in view the first few rows of the Church
• the camera will be switched on a 5 minutes before the Mass/Service is due to start and switched off when it ends.

Safeguarding of those on the altar, such as Servers, Readers and Eucharistic Ministers, has to be given priority and those involved, or their parents or guardians, have been asked to sign and return letters of consent. Reminders are now being sent to those who have not so far given their consent asking them to do so by end of February.

The contract that St Luke’s is proposing is basic streaming of our Masses and, with the written consent from the individuals concerned, we will also be able to stream special services such as Baptisms, Wedding and Funerals. These will be in real time and there will be no recordings or video preparation included in our contract. Our services will have the Mass/Service start times published on the contractor’s website. (If you wish to see how the system is operation at other Churches in the Diocese you can Google Church services Streaming/Pimlico or Hampstead)

Please note there is no “catch-up tv” type service such as is associated with BBC i Player or Netflix. Those wishing to receive visual as well as audio need a reasonably up-to- date PC or Laptop, Tablet etc complete with sound card and speakers.

If anyone has any reservations or questions about what is proposed please contact Father Robert ( Eithne Atterbury ( our Safeguarding Officer, or Richard Almond, Chairman of the Parish Council ( by end of February Alternatively you can phone or contact the Parish Office ( 020 8866 0098 Option 2) .