Holy Spirit Prayer Video for Pentecost and Other Updates

As we continue our journey towards Pentecost, Fr Pat Browne and Patrick Van Der Vost have prepared a video meditation on the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, using Christian art and music. The video was prepared to help us as we spend time in prayer on the Vigil of Pentecost, as the Cardinal has encouraged us to do. It can be found at https://christian.art/videos.php Please share this link with your parishioners. **

A link to the video is also available on the diocesan website, and you are welcome to share the link on your parish websites and social media. To share on these platforms, please use: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ca6ccFiiIc8

The Cardinal’s video message for Pentecost is also available on our website. Should you wish to include a link to the Cardinal’s video on your parish websites and social media, please use https://vimeo.com/421046273

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