Kairos is the Greek word for time. But this is not chronological time. Kairos means ‘the opportune time’, ‘the right time’, or ‘God’s time’. Kairos is a seasonal, fortnightly (Tuesdays 7:30-8:45 pm), online ministry, a time where people can connect, belong, and grow as missionary disciples.

The parishes’ vision statement

The Catholic Parishes of Rickmansworth, Chorleywood and Mill End aspire to share the Good News of God’s saving love.

We are vibrant, welcoming communities, united in worshipping God and serving our neighbours.

We invite every person to join us in growing together in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, experienced and lived through the power of the Holy Spirit.


Encountering Jesus, serving others

Connect, Belong, and Grow

Many people do not feel like they are connected, that they truly belong, and that they are growing as missionary disciples, even if they come regularly to Sunday Mass. Acts 2:42 shows that the normal pattern of life as Catholics was to meet for “Prayer, fellowship, the teaching of the Apostles and the breaking of bread (i.e., Sunday Mass)”. Kairos is God’s time where we can connect, belong, and grow as disciples, for prayer, fellowship, and teaching, to enrich our sacramental lives.


We have trained MCs who will make you feel at home and guide you through each session. If you are a parishioner of 60 years struggling to use technology, from another parish, country, or time zone, young or old, don’t know anyone, not that religious, just starting out in the Catholic Christian life, or not sure what you believe, you are welcome.


Each session will have a very light and short icebreaker. We want to know what your favourite ice-cream is, to come up with an obscure type of rain, or to say what animal you would be and why, and all the other useless bits of information that helps us know each other better, and to have a bit of fun.


Each session will have some input on various themes about life and faith, using video clips, live-speakers, resources such as Sycamore, and more.


Kairos has time for small group discussion, led by trained group hosts, who will act as facilitators. Here you have the opportunity to discuss freely and openly the video discussion. It is a great way to relate the input to your daily life, and to hear other people’s views on life and faith.

Communal Prayer

Kairos has time for gentle communal prayer led by our trained prayer team. Each session is different, making use of the full range of the Catholic tradition.

Personal prayer

Kairos is blessed to have a prayer team who offer personal prayer. If you have a particular intention, for yourself or someone else, or if you just want prayer because you simply want prayer, our gentle and kind prayer team will gladly pray with and for you.

In-person Quarterly Social

We are not a ‘virtual’ church! Kairos has quarterly in-person socials where we can have good food, music, and perhaps input and discussion, and time of prayer. What is certain is there will be good fun and friendship.

The next season runs from Oct 5th to Dec 12th 2021. Registration is open now, so please, email us at  kairos@rcdow.org.uk to guarantee your place.

We very much look forward to hearing from you.