Making Missionary Disciples


Since 2017, we have been using alpha as a primary tool of evangelisation.

Alpha is a series of events where anyone, especially non-churchgoers and atheists, can discuss the big questions of life, faith, and meaning, in a relaxed, informal, and fun atmosphere.

There is usually good food, always good input, and space and time to say anything you want (seriously, anything!) about the input.

Our joy at running alpha is simply to give people the time and space to listen and discuss freely what we believe are the most important, stimulating, and life-changing questions – with delicious cake!

Alpha runs usually two times a year, face-to-face, and online.

Please, see our latest newsletter for more information about how to register for our next alpha.


Since January 2021, we have formed an online ministry called Kairos. Kairos is a place where parishioners (from any parish around the world) can join us in faith input (e.g., Sycamore), to get to know each other, have open discussion, and prayer.

For more information, and how to register: