Our Father’s House

Our Father’s House is a registered Charity, offering holiday breaks for families with a child (or children) with special needs in a community setting.

Over the past ten years, Our Father’s House has taken over large country houses where up to eight families have enjoyed the opportunity for mutual support under the same roof.  Regular reunions and day events keep the families in contact. Word of mouth draws in new families.

The families who enjoy the holiday breaks are predominantly from North West London and Hertfordshire and benefit in many ways. Parents are able to share experiences with parents who have similar children to their own. Parents can relax on holiday knowing that there are other eyes to look out for their children and they know that their children are accepted by everyone around them. Group activities give support to individual families.

Our Father’s House is open to all faiths and those of no faith. The trustees are keen to encourage new families to join their activities.

Funding, at the moment, depends heavily on the 200 Club. Application forms are available if you would like to help promote this worthwhile and rewarding project.