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24/12/17 4th Sunday of Advent & The Holy Family

17/12/17 3rd Sunday of Advent

10/12/17 2nd Sunday of Advent

03/12/17 1st Sunday of Advent

26/11/17 Christ the King

19/11/17 33rd Sunday of the Year

12/11/17 32nd Sunday of the Year

05/11/17 31st Sunday of the Year

29/10/17 30th Sunday of the Year

22/10/17 29th Sunday of the Year

15/10/17 28th Sunday of the Year

08/10/17 27th Sunday of the Year

01/10/17 26th Sunday of the Year

24/09/17 25th Sunday of the Year

17/09/17 24th Sunday of the Year

10/09/2017 23rd Sunday of the Year

03.09.2017 22nd Sunday of the Year

Summer Mass Intentions 26th Aug – 3rd Sept

Summer Mass Intentions 19th – 27th Aug

Summer Mass Intentions 12th – 20th August 2017

Summer Mass Intentions 5th – 13th August 2017

23-07-2017 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time

16-07-2017 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time

09-07-2017 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time

02-07-2017 13th Sunday in Ordinary Time

25-06-2017 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time

18-06-2017 Corpus Christi

11-06-2017 Trinity Sunday

04-06-17 Pentecost Sunday

28-05-2017 Ascension of the Lord

21-05-2017 6th Sunday of Easter

14-05-2017 5th Sunday of Easter

07-05-2017 4th Sunday of Easter

30-04-2017 3rd Sunday of Easter

Newsletter Extra – 2nd Sunday of Easter

16-04-2017 Easter Sunday

09-04-2017 Palm Sunday

02-04-2017 5th Sunday in Lent

26-03-2017 4th Sunday in Lent

19-03-2017 3rd Sunday in Lent

12-03-2017 2nd Sunday in Lent

05-03-2017 1st Sunday in Lent

26-02-2017 8th Sunday in Ordinary Time

19-02-2017 7th Sunday in Ordinary Time

12-02-2017 6th Sunday in Ordinary Time

05-02-2017 5th Sunday in Ordinary Time

29-01-2017 4th Sunday in Ordinary Time

22-01-2017 3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

15-01-2017 2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

08-01-2017 The Epiphany of the Lord

01-01-2017 Solemnity of Mary