Advent Discussion Groups

South St Albans Churches is planning to organise ecumenical sessions for 4 weeks during Advent 2020 using the material from St Martins in the Fields Advent courses 2019. We hope this will demonstrate our continued strength and unity and also help us prepare individually and collectively during this important Christian season.

Participation will be mostly via Zoom with the possibility of one daytime group of 6 taking place, face to face, in one of the churches, most probably St Stephens, if there is the demand and Covid restrictions do not change in the meantime. All safety and social distancing requirements will be observed.

Starting from Monday 29 November for 4 weeks, the proposed timings are Monday evening 7.30 -9.00 pm: Tuesday morning 10.30 am – 12.00 pm  and Thursday evening 7.30-9.00 pm. A daytime, face to face class time will be scheduled if there are at least 5 people  who would prefer this and who may not have easy access to a computer/tablet/smart phone.

Next Steps

You are invited to email or call your SSA Churches contact OR Christine Lambert (; Mobile: 07957 486099  by Tuesday 3 November  2020 if you wish to participate or lead a group and advise your preferred timing(s) and contact details.  We will then co-ordinate the groups and confirm joining details to you.  Ideally we are seeking a mix from each of the 4 churches to reflect the ecumenical intention.   In the meantime, we are sharing below the details of the course which you would download on your computer / phone / tablet directly.  You will need access to the free Zoom app to participate; we can help you with the installation, if needed . Please note, as we will be inviting you to join the session from a professional Zoom subscription, you will not be impacted by the usual cap of 40 minute free time limit on Zoom for social users.  For the daytime face to face session, we can provide a hard copy of the materials, if needed.

To open the documents easily, once downloaded, ideally you will need Microsoft Office. However, if you do not have this we can send you the materials via an email attachment in a PDF format.

Advent Course 2019: produced by St Martin in the Fields in association with the National Gallery 

The course uses paintings from the National Gallery to stimulate thought and discussion based around the 4 people of  Advent:-

1) The Patriarchs

2) The Prophets

3) John the Baptist

4) Mary

The paintings are available in a PowerPoint each week together with a reflection sheet for the leader and handouts for group members. This is all available online – click here