Deaths of young people in Manchester

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus,

the news of 22 deaths in Manchester last night, 22nd May and of many people who were injured as a result of a person exploding a bomb attached to himself is the occasion for us to pray for all those who have died, their families and their friends.

May God receive the innocent dead into his Kingdom of light and love.

May He be with all those who are suffering in their bodies and in their spirit from this terrible moment of violence against themselves or against those they love.

May Blessed Mary, Mother of Our Lord, who herself watched with such grief and suffering the pain and death of her own beloved Son, attend to the needs of those who are now suffering, support those who are ministering to those who are suffering   and pray Jesus  that He will ask his Heavenly Father to bring healing to those in such pain.

May Mary’s prayers join with ours as we ask Jesus to petition the Father for an end to these terrible moments of violence against the innocent, may he help us build communities of peace and care for each other.

May all of us who call ourselves the Body of Christ be people of helpfulness and support, nurturing and loving wherever we can and joining with all people of goodwill to build a new Jerusalem, shared by all in harmony and peace in this lovely country in which we are blessed to live.

May God bless us all and be with those who are suffering so much today. In our prayers at this evening’s mass at 7pm we will remember them all.

Fr Bill

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