photos of the parish

Bride and Maureen at the BBQ

This is an excellent cup of coffee! Enjoying Sunday’s BBQ

Nina at the BBQ on Sunday welcoming the police as part of our community

With Our Lord of Pardon Catholic Charismatic Group on Sunday afternoon

Adoration of the Blessed sacrament

The tunnelling team of Tideway West after the blessing of the statue of St Barbara before they started tunneling the seven miles under the Thames to Acton

Blessing of St Barbara Patron Saint of Tunnellers before tunneling starts from Carnwath Road to Acton

We will be blessing the statue of St Barbara on
Tuesday at the mouth of the 7k tunnel to be driven through to Acton

Holy Saturday morning and the team of flower arrangers have been busy making the church look lovely for Easter

procession on Palm Sunday

Palms ready for the Palm Sunday procession from Pineapple Park

Fr Bill waiting with an estimated 250,000 pilgrims in Phoenix park on a rainy, windy, lovely day as the Pope arrives to celebrate Mass

Maria at the BBQ on Pentecost Sunday

Laura at the BBQ on Pentecost Sunday

George talking to Megumi at the BBQ on Pentecost Sunday

Francesco opens a bottle of wine for us; he cooked a wonderful BBQ on Pentecost Sunday, many thanks.

The Blessing of the Statue to St Barbara patron saint of miners and tunellers at Tideway West, Carnwath Road.

Cup cakes that want to be Lemon Polenta Cakes when they grow up!

Bishop, one of our asylum seeker family members, drew this card for us.

At our first community lunch in the hall cooked in our new kitchen

The Nativity seen from the point of view of a lobster. Performances on 15th and 16th December after mass.

Domenico our organist

Caroline, one of our delegation of two from Our Lady’s keeping dry as we waited for the Pope to appear

Prayers of the faithful

Baby Alexander in foreground with Baby Theo by the font after they were baptised on Saturday 21 April.

Sunset over Pineapple Park

neighbours and friends met outside the church on a beautiful day for the Great Get-Together lunch as we recognised, as the late Jo Cox MP said, we have much more that unites us than divides us. Lets do it again next year, or sooner!

The shop in the hall after 11am Mass

The Sacred Heart of Jesus

The sacred Heart of Jesus flows with compassion for the world that he comes, day by day and hour by hour to save.