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The Bishops have issued a recent statement on Catholic attitudes to Covid-19 vaccines, see this link:

The Catholic Churches in Stevenage

December 2020



There is no adequate explanation why there should be suffering. So many terrible problem baffle us: suffering, death, the chaotic society in which we live and a world paralysed by pandemic. What do all these things mean? How do we make sense of it all, explain it all. The only understanding I have of it is to look into the hope filled eyes of the innocent child Jesus in the manger and the still innocent eyes of Jesus nailed to the cross.

His gentle gaze reaches out to us and, if we trust him, warms us and lifts us up. Our response is to brighten and decorate our homes and help him to light up our sad world. As Christians we are joy-filled and proud at Christmas to bring his light and hope to our sad world.

As this terrible and troubled year comes to a close we all give thanks for the great work of our carers. We also give thanks for the incredible work of scientists who have given us vaccines which promise to restore hope to our hearts and a return to normal life. We will return chastened and with a healthy awareness of our smallness and vulnerability in the face of God’s mighty creation and we respond in prayer:

Infant Jesus we turn to you

in the continuing worldwide pandemic.

Help those who are sick.

Grant patience to those who live in isolation,

give strength to those who care for everyone,

inspire scientists in their research.

Strengthen between us the sense of togetherness,

that is the heart of Christmas.

Let no one be abandoned, make everyone feel safe together with You,

because You are our hope.

Through the intercession of Mary and Joseph

and the Shepherds and the Wise Men

we thank you, our faithful God present among us,

you who live and love for ever and ever.  Amen 


Best wishes for Christmas

that in spite of all the uncertainties we face you may have

a joy and hope filled Christmas.

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