Roman Catholics in Stevenage Old TownWe wish all our parishioners a very Blessed Easter, with our prayers for you at this difficult time. Our gratitude and special thoughts go to our healthcare workers and other key workers during the current lockdown. Hopefully we will soon be able to gather in our churches to celebrate the Lord who is Risen! God bless you all.
Fr Michael and Fr Nigel

Tough Times

When I read the lives of the saints, a recurring phrase seems to appear: “Saint so-and-so lived in very difficult times.” Well, so do we! Our challenges may be very different from those of previous generations, but especially at present, when we’re faced with a likely pandemic, we need to draw strength from God’s Word and from each other’s support. The other day, I read the Gospel parable of the two sons (usually called the parable of the “prodigal son” but don’t forget there’s another one too): the father says to his sulking elder son: “You are with me always and all I have is yours” (Luke 15: 31). The ever-living Word of Scripture means that we can hear our heavenly Father saying these words to each of us personally, especially in tough times: You are with me always and all I have is yours!
So we have to trust that God will never let us down, and that he places his infinite resources at our disposal. But we’re not pure spirits: we need each other, and sometimes, some of us need material support. If you know anyone locally who is feeling isolated or vulnerable, or who simply needs some practical help at this time, contact St Joseph’s parish; we’ll put you in touch with a “taskforce” of parishioners who will respond.  Spread the word!  Thanks, Fr Nigel


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More prayers, for liturgical use or private prayer, are available at

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Sycamore have generously offered Open Access to their resources for the next 6 months. Full details at this link:
Sycamore material will be particularly helpful with RCIA groups and Confirmation candidates.

For family support, TenTen are also making freely available resources for families, called Prayers for Home, which include ‘Sunday Liturgy for Families’ and ‘Daily Prayers for Home’

Sunday Liturgy for Families

Daily Prayers for Home

Our parish serves the community of Roman Catholics in Stevenage Old Town and the neighbouring area of Symonds Green.

Although there are defined ‘parish boundaries’, we include among our regular worshippers Catholics from all parts of Stevenage and the surrounding Hertfordshire towns and villages.

About 300 adults and children attend mass each weekend and we are always delighted to welcome visitors to share in our worship!

Our resident priests are Fr Michael and Fr Nigel

Our postal address is 4 Basils Road, Stevenage, Herts SG1 3PX. You will find us off Church Lane, east of High Street.

You can contact us on 01438 226857. Our email address is

Parking at the Transfiguration

There is a car park on Church Lane (between Grove Road and Basils Road) that borders the church and Presbytery.

Additionally, there is a car park on Primett Road at the back of the High Street and next to Lytton Way.