Catholic Agency for Overseas Development

cafod-logoCAFOD believes that all human beings have a right to dignity and respect, and that the world’s resources are a gift to be shared equally by all men and women, whatever their race, nationality or religion.

CAFOD raises funds so that it can promote long-term development, respond to emergencies, raise public awareness of the causes of poverty, speak out on behalf of poor communities, and promote social justice in witness to Christian faith and gospel values. CAFOD was born when volunteer members of the National Board of Catholic Women organised the first Family Fast Day back in 1961.

Are you interested in supporting CAFOD’s poverty-fighting work overseas? If so, please contact your CAFOD Parish Contact Michael Downing


Tony Sheen, The Diocesan Manager for CAFOD Westminster
Catholic Church of Christ the King
29 Bramley Road, London N14 4HE

Tel: 020 8449 6970

email: Tony Sheen