St Vincent de Paul Society

st_vincentSt.Vincent de Paul Founded in France in 1833 by Frederick Ozanam, the Society was named after Vincent de Paul, a Priest who did much good work visiting the sick, poor and needy in France between 1600 and 1660 and was later made a Saint.

The Society is an international, fraternal organisation of lay people, men and women who practice Christianity by helping those in need on a one-to-one basis: it is not controlled or run by the Church, although it is essentially a Catholic charitable organization.

The Society believes in humility, justice, prayerfulness, and acts of love and kindness to all, regardless of colour or creed. In the Old Town parish the Society brings comfort and practical help to the needy within Stevenage.

Contact : 0756 471 3312

or visit the St Vincent de Paul Society web site or the Youth SVP or for primary School children, the Mini Vinnies