Neocatechumenal Communities

A fruit of the II Vatican Council for the New Evangelisation and renewal of the parish, the Way is an instrument of Catholic Formation for adult faith, which follows the RCIA but over many years. It is a program within the parish structure, open to all parishioners.   It’s ultimate aim is to renew the parish by forming small communities within the parish structure, where parishioners grow in faith and begin to evangelise through signs of faith: namely love and unity, in the dimension of the Cross.

All parishioners are invited to attend the annual induction catechesis for the parish Neocatechumenate, which begins the period of the Stage of Enquiry. The “Catechesis” takes place every year, and all are invited and welcome to attend. It is given by a team of catechists either during the period leading up to and including Advent or during the season of Lent. The induction series consists of fifteen evening catechesis, two evenings a week, and about an hour long. It lasts for about seven weeks. The induction series concludes with a weekend retreat, called a “convivance” where participants can decide if they wish to continue by joining a new group within the parish, led by the parish priest, and called a “community“. Each induction series forms a new community.