Lent 2021

Lent cross

The purpose of Lent is to be a season of fasting, self-denial, spiritual growth, conversion, and simplicity. Lent, which comes from the Teutonic (Germanic) word for springtime, can be viewed as a spiritual spring cleaning: a time for taking spiritual inventory and then cleaning out those things which hinder our corporate and personal relationships with Jesus Christ and our service to him.

Thus, it is fitting that the season of Lent begins with a symbol of repentance: placing ashes on us. However, we must remember that our Lenten disciplines are supposed to ultimately transform our entire person: body, soul, and spirit, and help us become more like Christ.

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The Church requires its members age 18 to 59 to fast on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday, unless a physical condition prevents otherwise. This means only one full meal is permitted in a fast day. The Fridays of Lent are days of required abstinence, meaning meat, and soups or foods made of meat, are not permitted. However, when we also “give some-thing up” for Lent, we are embracing a form of fasting, an excellent spiritual discipline as Lent represents a spiritual training time to overcome evil.


Lent is a good time to develop or strengthen a discipline of daily prayer. A good goal for Lent would be pray at both the morning and evening of each day, everyday. We can also find many excellent prayers for Lent from the Scriptures.

Almsgiving (Charity)

While Lent is about giving something up (i.e. fasting), it is also about putting something positive in its place. The best way to remove vice is to cultivate virtue. Lent has been a traditional time of helping the poor and doing acts of charity and mercy.

Opportunities at St George’s

ASH WEDNESDAY and the beginning of Lent
WEDNESDAY 17th February

Masses with imposition of ashes at 9.30am, 12.30pm (If space is limited it will be on a first come and first served basis)

This year, due to social distancing restrictions, the sign of ash will be made in the ancient practice of sprin-kling the ash on the top of your head and not with the sign of the cross on your forehead.

Opportunities for prayer

SUNDAY MASS 8.30am, 9.45am and 11.15 am (Please note at this time there will be no Saturday or Sunday Evening Masses)

WEEKDAY MASS Monday—Saturday 9.30am


CONFESSIONS Each day after Mass—please let it be known to the priest you’d like to make your confession.

There will be no public celebration of Stations of the Cross.
However a good selection of Stations of the Cross with excellent meditations can be found “on line”. Check the links on our leaflet: download it here.