The Eucharist is “the source and summit of the Christian life. […] For in the blessed Eucharist is contained the whole spiritual good of the Church, namely Christ himself, our Pasch.” (Catechism of the Catholic Church 1324)

sarraments5The third of the three sacraments of initiation, the Sacrament of Holy Communion, is the reception of Christ’s Body and Blood.

This sacrament is the source of great graces that sanctify us and help us grow in the likeness of Jesus Christ. Catholics believe the Mass is both a sacrifice and a meal.

The Eucharistic meal can only be prepared in the sacrifice of the Mass.

The Eucharist

When we receive Communion, we become one with him, and we become one with each other. As a community, we become ‘the body of Christ‘.Holy Communion

The Sunday Mass is the highpoint of our worship as a parish. Communion is taken to the sick and housebound after each Sunday Mass by Ministers of Communion.

Children usually make their First Holy Communion during school year 3. They prepare for this through the parish.

When an adult is baptised, he or she normally makes their First Communion in the same ceremony as their baptism. Their preparation for this is usually through the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (R.C.I.A.) or a similar process.

For all other inquiries regarding Eucharist (Holy Communion), please contact a member of the parish team.