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Welcome to the website of St Ignatius Catholic Parish in Sunbury-on-Thames. We are a warm, thriving church community with a church near the centre of Sunbury. St Ignatius’ is the spiritual home of the Catholics of Sunbury where we can practice our faith: praying, learning and growing in holiness together. On this website you will find information on Mass times, exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, Confession and preparation for the sacraments for children and adults alike. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send an email to the Parish Office.


The Rectory, Green Street, Sunbury-on-Thames, Middlesex TW16 6QB
Telephone: 01932 783 507 Email: sunburyonthames@rcdow.org.uk 
Rector: Fr Christian de Lisle
Administrator: Lavina Menezes E Fernandes
For Parish Centres bookings – The Loyola Centre or The Manning Room
Email: sunburyparishcentres@rcdow.org.uk 
Safeguarding Contact: Ann Roberts
Email: sunburyonthamessg@safeguardrcdow.org.uk
Eloise Phillips
Email: sunburyonthamessg2@safeguardrcdow.org.uk


This is for you……… Signs are there that OUR parish is coming together slowly but surely. We all lost nearly 18 months of our freedom due to COVID restrictions. It is within our reach now to reconnect with others, enjoy our lives and to hold the reigns of the new NORMAL. So, let us make this precious gathering, a party to welcome Fr. Christian to our parish and also to get together with people we lost touch with during the pandemic. We have a wonderful community here, we need new input and new faces to get involved, and this will be one of many opportunities for this all to come to fruition. Father Christian’s belated welcome party: – Sunday 21st November 2021 after 11.30am Mass in the Loyola Centre. All parishioners are invited to join in to welcome Fr. Christian officially as our Parish Priest. There will be some finger food, cakes, tea, coffee and juice to enjoy till 2.30pm. If you are willing to help in organising this party by bringing READY TO SERVE plates of finger food, cakes etc. please feel free to speak to someone from the organising team who will be available to speak/take your details outside the Church after all weekend Masses starting from Saturday, 23rd October 2021. All food items to be clearly labelled with your name and contents and handed into Loyola Centre on Sunday 21st November 2021 between 11.30am and 12noon. If you are unable to bring food you may like to make a cash donation thus ensuring a successful event. You also can call Rachel Candappa on 07887 545317, Monday to Friday between 12noon to 7pm to answer your questions. Thank you! From: Welcome Party Team.

Signing of Certificate of Catholic Practice (CCP) for Secondary School Transfers – Sept 2022

Please contact the Parish Office at sunburyonthames@rcdow.org.uk  Fr Christian will be available only on

Friday 29th October from 10am – 11am & 2pm – 3pm.

First Holy Communion (2021- 2022) Registration Form

Registration is now CLOSED


For all queries regarding Parish accounts, Gift Aid, Weekly envelopes, Standing orders and so on, please email at sunburyonthames@rcdow.org.uk  & for Parish Centre(s) bookings, please email at sunburyparishcentres@rcdow.org.uk or contact Lavina, Parish Administrator at the Parish office.