Mass Intentions and Cards

Every Mass that is celebrated is a prayer for the whole Church.

 Many Masses have a particular ‘Intention’; sometimes the Celebrant will announce the intention with a phrase like ‘we pray especially for N …  &  N … who are celebrating the anniversary of their Marriage’         or, ‘we remember in our prayers N … who has died’.

 In other words Mass can be celebrated for anyone and for any reason.

A Mass Card can be given or sent to let someone know that a Mass is being Offered for them.

At St Ignatius there are small brown envelopes in both the Church Porch and in the Rectory. This is the way in which a Mass is requested and a date arranged. You may or may not be able to attend the Mass but the Mass will be Offered for your requested Intention. It is usual to enclose an Offering for the Church in this envelope.

Mass Cards are available in the Rectory.

Mass Cards can be organised and signed at any time. The easiest time is probably after any Mass or Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings when we can more or less guarantee that there will be someone available in the Rectory.

The only vocabulary you need is ‘Can I have a Mass said for N …’.

Offering the sacrifice of the Mass is the most fitting Catholic Prayer in times of celebration, illness or mourning.

Mass cards 2