Planned Giving and Gift Aid

St Ignatius parish operates a planned giving envelope scheme whereby participants make a firm commitment to contribute a regular sum in the weekly offertory. Each participating family will have a set of envelopes, one for each week of the year, into which their weekly donation is placed and then placed in the offertory basket at Mass. Alternatively a standing order can be set up to contribute on a monthly basis. If you wish to contribute by standing order please fill in this form  and send it to your bank. Please also let us know that you have done this – a copy of the form (minus the bank details) can be put through the letterbox of the Rectory.

Both these methods of giving are recognised as eligible for Gift Aid. If you are a UK taxpayer by making a Gift Aid declaration the parish can reclaim the income tax that you have paid on the donation. The Gift Aid declaration form is available here and can be used by those already contributing through Planned Giving or those new to the scheme.

If you are not a member of the Planned Giving scheme but would like to join, please talk to Maureen Brown after Sunday Mass, or drop a note into the presbytery with your contact details and someone will get back to you.