Welcome to St Francis de Sales Catholic Church in Tottenham.

Dear parishioners,

Welcome back to the parish! It is good to see so many families and people coming back to Sunday Masses.

We are currently adjusting ourselves to the “new normal” way of life in our city and community.

We are still keeping the Covid-19 safety regulations in place in church to keep protecting our people safe. Please keep wearing face masks and sanitise your hands when you come to church. Holy Communion is distributed on the hand only until further notice.

We have had a high number of people attending the 11am Sunday Mass which had made difficult to handle spaces in church and some have been asked to move to the parish hall. Please consider attending the earlier Mass at 9am or Saturday Vigil Mass at 7pm to balance the use of space in church.

The Mass timetable remains as it is up to date until Sunday 17th October 2021. After this date we will update the weekday Masses and bring back the Saturday Mass, Exposition and Confessions as before.

Please be aware that the car park space on the side of the church (Brereton Road) is a priority car park for disabled people. If you need to make use of it, please apply for a Priority Permit from the Parish by filling a blue form made available at the back of the church. Please send an email to the Parish Office or speak to Fr David.

If you would like to use the School car park when you come to Sunday Mass, please plan your journey and strive to arrive at least 15-20 minutes earlier before Mass starts. the car park opens half an hour before each Mass and the gates are closed as soon as Mass starts to allow our kind volunteers to attend Mass too.

Please remember to carry your car pass with you when you come to church on “events day” at the Stadium. If have not got this, please send us an email to the parish office and make an appointment to apply for it.

Please remember that the school car park is open for parishioners on events dates entry from Brereton Road and no events dates from the High Road.

For any other queries, please contact the Parish Office.

Parish Team:
Fr. David Lucuy Claros, Elisabete Veselovska and Marcelle Jemide


We are very aware of the difficulties our families are facing at this challenging times of the pandemic. Many have lost their jobs and many are living with the uncertainty of keeping their jobs and many are dealing with mental and physical illness. Here at St Francis de Sales community, we are trying to attend the needs of our families by coming together working in solidarity with our brothers and sisters who are facing great difficulties. Here are some guidelines of the ways you can get some help to alleviate your needs. If you have a child at St Francis de Sales Infant and Junior School, please contact the School Office:  office@sfds.haringey.sch.uk              Tel. 0208 808 2923