Welcome to the webpages of St Francis de Sales Catholic Church in Tottenham. Our Church is open for public Mass.

Will the ‘Rule of 6’ apply to Church gatherings?

The change in government guidance beginning on Monday 14 September has raised many questions about acts of public worship and our activities.

It is important to recognise that the ‘Rule of 6’ applies to social gatherings and not to acts of public worship, work and structured educational and catechetical activities.

Acts of public worship continue according to earlier guidance. The number of people attending Mass must respect the capacity of the Church with social distancing and face coverings. Within the rule of 6, households of six may sit together (e.g. 2 grandparents, 2 parents and 2 children). Note also from the guidance, “If you live in a household with more than 6 people, you can continue to gather in and attend all settings together. This same applies for your support bubbles. All venues should continue to accommodate groups larger than 6 who live together or are in the same support bubble to gather in and use their services and venues.” This is an opportunity to enable people to gather.

The maximum number of people allowed to gather for a life-cycle event in the church;  baptisms now limited to 6, weddings up to 15, funerals remains at 30. For more information read the new  Update on Covid Restrictions


Sunday Masses are now 7pm Saturday (Vigil Mass), Sunday 9am and 11am.

We expect there to be more Sunday events at the Stadium when fans are allowed to return. The changes will allow parishioners to travel to Mass before road closures and bus diversions and leave the area before most fans arrive.


We operate “First come first served” admissions. The church opens half an hour before Mass starts. There is no need to book. Spaces are available for individuals and families. You must complete a track and trace contact form here for each Mass you attend or scan the NHS QR attached at the entrance of the church. One form per family can be used, provided you include the number of people on the form. Please ensure all family members living in the same household enter the church together so that one space is used, allowing room for others.

To shorten the waiting time, please take a small supply of forms and bring one completed ready to drop in the box. If you have to fill in a form on arrival, please allow more time to do so. Admission is via the main doors unless you are otherwise directed by stewards.


  • Please use sanitiser as you enter and leave Church.


  • Please wear a face covering or mask that covers your mouth and nose before you enter Church and keep it in place until you leave the building.

  • Children up to 11 years of age are exempt from wearing masks.


  • Please ensure you keep a safe distance of 2 metres both outside and inside church at all times.

  • Please wait to be seated by the stewards to ensure we use all spaces. Otherwise people may be turned away. We cannot exceed permitted numbers in the building.

  • Movement within church should always follow the direction of the arrows on the floor. There are two exits, each from the side aisles.


We are still short of STEWARDS and CLEANERS, who can ensure that the church is kept safe before and after Mass. Please fill the volunteers form and be in touch with Elisabete and Fr David if you can help.

Parish Team:
Fr. David Lucuy Claros, Elisabete Veselovska and Marcelle Jemide