Parish Safeguarding Policy

Church of the English Martyrs  – Tower Hill – Safeguarding

Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults

In 2001 the National Conference of Bishops in England and Wales launched national policies and procedures to ensure that parishes are safe environments for children and vulnerable adults.
At English Martyrs we are fully committed to these policies which are referred to as Safeguarding.
We are all made in the image of God and we start from the principle that each person has a right to expect the highest level of care and protection, love, encouragement and respect. At English Martyrs, we promote the highest standards of Safeguarding and we ensure that all those involved in activities which involve children or vulnerable adults are aware of the resources and support available to them.

Set out below are links to information on good practice in these areas.

DBS Checks
It is a legal requirement that all volunteers with roles involving contact with children and vulnerable adults be subject to a DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service) check. This will be organised by the Parish Safeguarding Representative (PSR) who is named below.

National Policies
The Catholic Safeguarding Advisory Service (CSAS) has produced a wide range of information and guidance on Safeguarding which may be found on their website:

Responding to allegations
Both the Catholic Church in England and Wales and we here, in the Parish of English Martyrs, Tower Hill are committed to responding properly and promptly to allegations of abuse in respect of children and vulnerable adults. Allegations will be reported to the statutory authorities.
All office holders, employees and volunteers must follow the procedures for dealing with reports of allegations or suspicions of abuse. If you have witnessed abuse or received an allegation of abuse where a child is in immediate danger, you must inform the Statutory Authorities (Police/Social Services). You should then inform the Diocesan Safeguarding Coordinator/Officer that you have done this. If you think there is no immediate danger you must report the allegation to the Co-ordinator/Officer immediately, who will then inform the Statutory Authorities. Never discuss this with the person who you think is the abuser.
The CSAS website provides a very useful “quick guide” on how allegations of abuse or concerns about children and adults at risk will be responded to.
This can be found here:

Free Training Resources
The Catholic Trust for England and Wales has adopted a package of e-learning programmes available to all members of the Catholic community free of charge. This is a key part of the Church’s ongoing commitment to Safeguarding.
The National Catholic Safeguarding Commission’s E-learning brochure can be found here:

The brochure provides details on the training available and how to access this via the training provider, EduCare. Volunteers are particularly encouraged to complete the Child Protection module.

Parish Safeguarding Representative

Our Parish Safeguarding Representative is Eileen McLaughlin. She can be contacted on 07852372923