This Week’s Newsletter



30 Prescot Street, London E1 8BB
Tel: 020 7488 4654
PARISH PRIEST: Fr. Angodage Don Joseph Alex
Parish Child Protection Officer: Eileen McLaughlin 07852 372923
Diocesan Child Protection Officer: Eva Edohen 020 7798 9350
Donating by text: text “Parish TOWER” to 70800
Vigil Mass: Saturday 6.30pm
Sunday Masses: 9.00am and 11.00am
Weekday Masses: Tues-Fri 1.00pm

Mary Hayes, Johnny Murphy and Christine Chesterman (Please let Fr. Alex know if you would like prayers said for any individuals who are currently unwell.)

Sat 19 Oct: 6.30pm OMI intention
Sun 20 Oct: 9am OMI intention
11am Alex Howalski Get Well
Tue 22 Oct: OMI intention
Wed 23 Oct: Parish Community
Thu 24 Oct: OMI intention
Fri 25 Oct: OMI intention

CHURCH HOUSE RENOVATION WORK Whilst the work in the Church house is going on, there will be nobody to answer the door to visitors outside of the hours 9.30-2pm Tuesday–Friday and 4.15-7.30pm on Thursday afternoons. If you need to come to the Church outside of these hours to see Fr. Alex, please call to let him know on 0207 488 4654 on 0207 702 0270.

LAST WEEK’S OFFERTORY COLLECTION Loose £439.61 Gift Aid £148.00 Thank you.

PARISH SURVEY Thank you to all those who completed the survey. We received 70 completed copies. The Parish Council have looked at the results of the survey and have summarised the findings. A copy is on the notice board and there are also some printed copies.

WORLD MISSION SUNDAY This Sunday is World Mission Sunday. There will be a retiring collection.

ALL SAINTS FEAST DAY is on 1st November. There will be a Vigil Mass on the evening of 31st October at 6.30pm and Masses at 9.30am (with the school children) and 1pm on 1st November.

ALL SOULS DAY is on 2nd November. Masses will be at 10am and 6.30pm.

CANDLEMASS This will take place on Friday, 29th November. There is a list at the back of the Church for names to be added.

A DAY WITH MARY This will take place on Saturday, 26th October from 3.30pm until the start of the evening Mass at 6.30pm. We will devote this time to Our Lady.

CHURCH CCTV SYSTEM We are very grateful to those who have already donated towards the cost of the installation of CCTV. We have now collected £2,200 pounds towards the total cost of £10,000. Contributions are still needed.

EUCHARISTIC ADORATION Every Saturday there will be one hour of Eucharistic adoration (from 12 noon to 1pm) which concludes with benediction. All are welcome.

HYMNS 202 Colours of Day 25 Gloria 362 In Bread we Bring 462 Love is His Word 309 Hail Queen of Heaven