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Parish Newsletter 25th October 2020
30th Sunday of ordinary time
Teacher: Which commandment of the Law is the greatest?

Scripture Readings, Reflection & Prayer
First reading Exodus 22:21-27 Often our own difficult experiences can help us to be truly compassionate. This was very much the case in the past as well, as we hear in this reading. It should have a special resonance for Irish people today.
Second reading 1 Thessalonians 1:5-10 A word of appreciation can work won- ders. As we hear Paul praise the Christians in Thessalonica, we may wonder what he would say today, to our com- munity of faith.
Gospel Matthew 22:34-40 Imagine someone has asked you to put in a few words the heart of the Jesus’ teaching. What would you say?
Pointers for Prayer
1. You may feel some sympathy with the Jews struggling to cope with 613 laws and wondering which were the important ones. But have you ever felt over- whelmed by the rules and regulations of your own tradition? And have you ever been blessed by meeting someone, or reading something, that was able to cut through all the layers and point out to you what is essential in life? Who was that person? What did s/he say or do? Is there some phrase or text that encapsulates such wisdom for you?
2. If you were asked what is most important in life, what would your answer be? Recall the experiences and relationships you have had. Which are the ones that you treasure most? What has particularly enriched your life? How would you encourage another person who asked you how s/he could live a full life?
Thought for the day
Jesus does not pluck his summary teaching from the air, he quotes from the Shema Yisrael, the great daily prayer of Judaism found in Deuteronomy 6. The second part about the love of neighbour is taken from Leviticus 18. This mission statement stands as a resounding appeal to us today. We are asked not just to believe that there is a God, but to love God. We are asked not just to respect our neighbour, but to love our neighbour. Love is not only the truth about human beings but also the truth about God, who is love itself.
Great and loving God, your love for us is beyond what we can grasp with our minds and hearts. Let such great love for all awaken in us a true love of you and lead to authentic service of our neighbour.
Reflection courtesy of Fr Kieran O’ Mahony, OSA –

Eucharist Adoration
Every Saturday September from 3pm – 4pm


Feast of the Holy Souls – Monday, 2nd November
Masses at 1pm and 6:30pm to commemorate all the Faithful Departed

November – Month of the Holy Souls
Throughout November it is our tradition to remember all our faithful departed. Please make a list of all your deceased family members and friends and use one of the special offering envelopes provided for the Altar List of the Dead. Return your envelope either to the offering basked in front of the Altar or directly to Fr Alex. You can also write the names of deceased loved ones on the sheet at the back of the Church.

All Masses are now Live-streamed
Please let all your friends know throughout the world!

October – Month of the Holy Rosary every evening at 8pm
You will need to have Zoom application on your phone or computer device to join.
Meeting ID: 443 647 8758 Passcode: OLGraces Come along and join from the safety and comfort of your home. Our Lady of Graces – Pray for Us
Mary Hayes, RIP
Please remember Mary in your prayers who died after a long illness. She was a faithful parishioner and supporter of the parish over very many years. She was a teacher and live locally. Her funeral was held on 16th October. May she Rest in Peace.

Church Opening Times and Mass Times
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Sunday Mass times (Vigil Sat 6:30pm) 9am and 11am
Weekday Masses from Tuesday – Friday at 1pm

Masses being offered this week
Saturday 6:30pm Mary & Bob Collins RIP
Sunday 9:00am People of the Parish
11:00am Mary Hayes RIP
Tuesday 1pm OMI Intentions
Wednesday 1pm OMI Intentions
Thursday 1pm OMI Intentions
Friday 1pm OMI Intentions

Please keep in your prayers the following that are ill:
Danny Nolan, John Harding and all who are presently confined and shielding from the virus. Please let us know of anyone who is ill so that the community can pray for them.

Next Sunday is the Feast of All Saints

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Useful Online Material
The Pope’s Prayer Network addressing the mission of the Church
El Camino del Corazón – The Way of the Heart

Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate

English Martyrs Primary School, Tower Hill

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