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Parish Newsletter 6th June 2021



Scripture Readings, Reflection & Prayer

Corpus Christi

First reading Exodus 24:3-8 At every Mass we here the words “the blood of the new and eternal covenant” and we may wonder what such words might mean. Part of the background is in today’s first reading, when the people of Israel commit themselves to the covenant and the commandments using basins (!) of blood. The link between liturgy and life, worship and discipleship could not be clearer.

Second reading Hebrews 9:11-15 Our reading comes from the long and carefully argued Letter to the Hebrews. It teaches that Jesus’ death was not simply a better version of the old priesthood but that he replaced it with an altogether different kind of priesthood. The “quantum” shift is that Jesus can help us precisely because he is like us and not because he is different form us.

Gospel Mark 14:12-16, 22-26 As we listen, notice the important line about not drinking the cup until he drinks it “new in the Kingdom of God.” This makes the vital link between the proclamation of Jesus and his destiny. Ultimately, his destiny was also part of the coming of the Kingdom of God.

Thought for the day                                                                                                            Hospitality is deeply embedded in human nature and to say someone is hospitable is a welcome compliment. It is no accident that Jesus made use of table fellowship to give people a concrete experience of the indiscriminate love and universal compassion of God. When we celebrate the Lord’s Supper, we experience again that proclamation of the Kingdom. We join our prayer with the prayer of Jesus and the great events of salvation are made present in our time and place. Welcomed as we have been, it is our calling then to show the same love and compassion in our daily lives.

Prayer                                                                                                                            God of welcome and compassion: we thank you the Holy Eucharist, in which we know again your love and compassion. Help us to become what we have received. Amen.

Friday 11th June Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Saturday 12th June Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

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Online Rosary starting Tuesday 4th May                                                                            

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Care for the Sick: Please let Fr Alex know of anyone who is ill or in hospital so that we can pray for them and visit when appropriate to do so. We continue to pray for Danny Nolan and John Harding.



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Oblate Novena of Prayer for Vocations

Please join in praying with the Oblate family throughout the world for Vocations to the priesthood and religious life.

Pick up your free novena booklet at the back of the Church and follow with us each day.


‘I am conscious of your hard work, the sense of isolation that can at times weigh upon your hearts, the risk of falling into a rut that can gradually make the ardent flame of our vocation die down, the burden of the uncertainty and insecurity of the times, and worry about the future. Take heart, do not be afraid! Jesus is at our side, and if we acknowledge him as the one Lord of our lives, he will stretch out his hand, take hold of us and save us.’

Pope Francis


Prayer for Vocations

Holy Father,
we come to you because Jesus asked us to pray
that you send workers into your harvest.
erefore, send us generous young men, passionate for Jesus, willing to make of their whole life a total oblation to you,
to become close to the poorest and most abandoned,
and to proclaim the Gospel.
May they burn with the same re
that you enkindled in Saint Eugene;
may they come to be part of his family
and, with all the Oblates, may they continue the work of Redemption. Mary Immaculate,
Who rst gave Jesus to the world,
be with us as we pray. Amen


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The Pope’s Prayer Network addressing the mission of the Church

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Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate


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Parish Safeguarding Officer: Eileen McLaughlin 07852 372923

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Safeguarding Information

Parish Safeguarding Officer: Eileen McLaughlin 07852 372923

Diocesan Co-ordinator:                                                                                              Geraldine Allen 0207 798 9350