Parish Groups

EUCHARIST MINISTERSThis group of people is commissioned for a year at a time to assist in the distribution of Holy Communion at Mass, and in ministering to the sick by taking Holy Communion to them on a regular basis.

ALTAR SERVERSAny person who has received First Communion is able to be an Altar Server. A rota is in operation for this important work of assisting the Priest at Mass. The Senior Server organises and trains the servers. Please approach Father Norbert if you would like to become a Server.

MUSIC: We welcome Musicians and singers to join us and enhance the Liturgy. Please approach Father Norbert if you would like to join.

READERSWe are always happy to hear from people who are willing to read at Mass. A rota means that each person is called on about once a month and training is organised where required.

OFFERTORY PROCESSION: Members of the congregation take up the gifts at the offertory of the Mass.

COLLECTORSMembers of the congregation are asked to help with the collection at Masses.

REPOSITORYThe repository is open after each Mass at the weekends. There is a full range of Mass cards, religious objects, birthday cards, Missals, etc., all available at very reasonable cost.

TRANSPORT TO MASS: We occasionally have requests for lifts to Mass either weekly or just on an odd occasion. Someone to co-ordinate this scheme is needed.

NEWSLETTER: A weekly newsletter is issued in the parish. The deadline for information is Friday each week. Please do take one home with you and read it.

CHILDREN’S LITURGYWe also have a children’s liturgy at the 11.30 Mass each Sunday during term-time. Parents are encouraged to stay with the very young children. The Sunday Gospel is the basis of the week’s instruction, and this is taken from a children’s Bible.

CATECHISTSOur catechists work in teams to prepare the children for the various sacraments. First Communion preparation, First Reconciliation (Confession) and Confirmation programmes all need additional catechists. Please approach Father Norbert if you would like to help.

MARRIAGE PREPARATIONThis work is done by Fr. Norbert. Please note that 6 months notice should be given of a forthcoming marriage.

RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults): This is a course designed for those interested in hearing more about the Catholic faith with preparation for reception into the Church. Adults who are not yet confirmed, and are seeking to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation, are welcomed as part of this group.

BLESSING OF GRAVESEach November we bless the graves of Parishioners buried in Hatfield Hyde and Hatfield Lawn cemeteries. The exact dates and times are published in the parish newsletter.

FINANCE COMMITTEEThis committee meets once a quarter to review the parish finances.

COVENANTS, GIFT AID & PLANNED GIVINGWe have a planned giving scheme for our financial support of the parish. Those who pay tax can add to the money received by the Church by signing a Gift Aid form. This is very simple, and it does not cost the individual anything extra.

CHURCH CLEANINGWe are always looking for volunteers for this very important work. Please approach Father Norbert if you would like to help.

ALTAR LINEN CAREThe linen used in the main Church and the day Chapel is laundered and cared for by parishioners. Please approach Father Norbert if you would like to help with this task.

FLOWERSThe work is usually done on Saturday mornings.

BRASS CLEANINGThe Church brasses are cleaned on Friday mornings.

CHURCH GROUNDSOur Church grounds are quite extensive and help is required to keep the area fitting for the house of God.

A.P.F.: The Association for the Propagation of the Faith. The APF supports the work of the Church in the poorer countries by prayer and financial help. Parishioners can either have a box to collect throughout the year, or pay a yearly subscription.

CAFODThis is the official overseas development agency of the Catholic Church. Its work is aimed at combating hunger, ignorance, disease and suffering. Two family fast days are held each year to raise funds and our box in the wall at the back of the Church is used regularly for donations. Last year we sent over £1,000 from the parish.

CHRISTIAN AIDAn annual door-to-door collection is made to support the work of this Ecumenical aid agency.

CWLCatholic Women’s League aims to unite Catholic Women in a bond of friendship, to encourage members to use their talents and skills, and to initiate and maintain charitable work. Our section meets on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 8:00 p.m. in the Family Centre. All women are invited to join. Link to CWL web site.

KSCThe order of the Knights of St Columba exists to support the mission of the Church. It is pledged to support its members in their vocation and mission as Catholics and in spreading the Gospel. Members of the order will diligently work for the moral and social welfare of their country and in particular to help young people develop in the likeness of Christ. Meetings are held monthly. Link to KSC web site.

400 CLUBThe 400 club was set up many years ago to raise funds for the Centre and Church Building Fund. The profit now goes towards the Church expenditure. The cost is £1 a month and this can be paid each Month, or in advance if preferred. The draw takes place round about the first Monday of each month at 9.00 p.m. on the Family Centre. Results are published in the centre and in the Church. You can join at any time of the year.