St Pauls Parish Newsletter – 7 & 14 April 2024



Today is not only the Second Sunday of Easter but also the completion of the octave of Easter and the feast of Divine Mercy.  In the year 2000, St Pope John Paul II established this feast.  On the first anniversary of the founding of Divine Mercy Sunday, John Paul II recalled, ‘Jesus said to St Faustina one day: “Humanity will never find peace until it turns with trust to Divine Mercy”.  Divine Mercy!  This is the Easter gift that the Church receives from the risen Christ and offers to humanity’.

Jesus enters the room where the apostles are hiding in fear and offers them peace, the peace of God that surpasses understanding (Phil 4:7).  And then he gives them a commission, ‘Receive the Holy Spirit. / For those whose sins you forgive, / they are forgiven; / for those whose sins you retain, / they are retained’.  The apostles are not offered peace merely for themselves.  In receiving this peace they are in turn to bear peace to others.

In the spiritual life every action begins with God’s initiative.  God speaks and we listen.  God gives a gift and we receive it.  Only after God’s action can we form a response.  On Divine Mercy Sunday we must celebrate this twofold movement.  God offers us Divine Mercy, which we are invited to receive and then pass on to others. Individually in our lives and collectively as the church, the Body of Christ, we experience mercy as a transformational gift from God.  Now it’s our job to offer it to humanity.


Points to reflect on:

  1. Jesus tell his disciples, ‘Peace be with you’ three times in today’s gospel. Where in your life are you in need of the peace of the Lord?
  2. How do you offer peace to others through your words and actions?
  3. We are offered mercy and also instructed to offer it to others. Who is in need of mercy in your life? How might you offer them this gift?


Parish Diary


Sunday 7th April             Refreshments after 10am Mass

Tuesday 9th April           Church Cleaning after mass

Wednesday 10th April    7:30pm             Meditation

Thursday 11th April        7:30pm             Pre-Marriage Course

Friday 12th April             10am                ASCENT

Sunday 14th April           Refreshment after 10am Mass

Monday 15th April          7:30pm             ABC Group

Tuesday 16th April         Church Cleaning after Mass

Wednesday 17th April    7:30pm             First Holy Communion Parents

                                    7:30pm             Meditation

Friday 19th April             10am                ASCENT

Saturday 20th April         10am    First Holy Communion Class

                                    3pm                 Confirmation Session

Sunday 21st April           Refreshments after 10am Mass