We have received guidance from the Diocese and the Government document confirming our doors can remain open for communal worship and funerals. The government has recognised we are essential for the well-being of many people. Of course, this is subject to review, so please check this website regularly for updates.

We know that some of us have been asked to self-isolate, others may have the virus, and there is an anxiety about the safety of older vulnerable people.

There are steps in place to provide a safe environment for the priest and the people. We have volunteers who steward at each Mass and clean the church afterwards.

You too can play your part by wearing a Mask (unless you’re exempt) at all times and sanitising your hands entering and exiting the church. Once in church, please remain in your seat and resist engaging in conversation with friends before and after Mass, and return to your homes. This is difficult, we know, but it is for your safety and the safety of others.

The removal of the Sunday obligation has meant that nobody should feel guilty if they do not attend Mass on a Sunday. We have reduced the number of seats which have been clearly marked on each bench where to sit, and Mass is being streamed Monday evenings at 6:30pm.

Please pray at home for the end of the spread of the virus and the distribution of the vaccine.

Please also pray for those who have been tested positive at this time.

We ask the intercession of Saint Joseph, the protector of the Holy Family and the Church.

Be assured of my prayers. God bless – Father John.


Do you have questions about the Christian faith no one has ever really answered? Have you wondered whether Christianity is relevant to your life? During this time of pandemic have you thought, ‘there must be more to life than this?”

Do you have friends or family you have struggled to share the faith with? In this Pandemic, many people are re-evaluating their approach to life and what is important to them. The online Alpha is the perfect place to explore some of the big questions of life.

We have found that many people who attended the online Alpha would never have taken part in one in the church hall. For many, it has been a time of grace and encounter with God. It is far easier for somebody to join a course on their sofa rather than in person.

Why not invite a friend or family member? You never know this may be the right time.

Join us on Monday evenings online, starting 25/1/2021 until 13/3/2021, to explore the big questions of life.

Book your place online now at

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Parish Priest:  Fr John McKenna

Hospital Chaplain:  (vacant) (Barnet & Chase Farm Hospital)

Pastoral Assistant & Catechetical Co-ordinator:  Anita Hammond

Parish Evangelisation Coordinator: Jonathan Stephens

Parish Secretary:  Janet Nestor