Years 9 & 10 Confirmation

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Alpha Course

The pandemic has raised many questions about what is important to us, and perhaps you are wondering ‘what is life really all about?’

You may have been Catholic all your life but have wondered “who is Jesus and who is He to me?” Why not join us for Alpha to discover together.

When and Where: 7.30 pm Mondays with refreshments

First session: 4 October 2021 in the Parish Hall

Registration is free: please register at http://www.barnetalpha.com


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Do you need any help?

Please phone the Presbytery on 020 8449 3338 and leave a message. Someone will get back to you as soon as possible.


Mary Immaculate & St Gregory the Great

82 Union Street


Herts EN5 4HZ

Telephone:  020 8449 3338

Email:  barnet@rcdow.org.uk

Parish Priest:  Fr John McKenna

Hospital Chaplain:  (vacant) (Barnet & Chase Farm Hospital)

Pastoral Assistant & Catechetical Co-ordinator:  Anita Hammond

Parish Evangelisation Coordinator: Jonathan Stephens

Parish Secretary:  Janet Nestor