acton west holy family

Welcome to the webpage of the Roman Catholic Church of The Holy Family, Acton West Parish.

Our postal address is The Presbytery, Vale Lane, London, W3 0DY.

You can contact us on 020 8992 1308.  The Parish Priest takes Wednesday as his day off and therefore is not contactable by any means.

Our email address is

We’re keen to hear from you, so please feel free to contact us!

In considering whether or not to return to Sunday Mass attendance, it is important that you are clear that the obligation to attend Sunday Mass remains suspended for the foreseeable future.  As such, you may wish to attend Mass in the week when numbers are smaller.  Particular consideration should be given to this if you are in the group classed as “critically vulnerable” (over 70 years of age or with specific pre-existing health conditions, self-isolating or shielding).  From the church’s side every effort will be made to ensure that the space is as COVID-19 safe as it can possibly be, in line with Government guidance:  A COVID-19 Risk Assessment will has been carried out and all reasonable steps have been taken to reduce the risk of cross-contamination including stringent cleaning, (a weekly professional deep clean) and hand hygiene procedures are in place.  Those wishing to attend Sunday Masses should if possible book via this Parish Microsite; just  click “Events” in the blue left hand column, read the information and scroll down to the Blue Box “Book a Place” when all will become clear.  PLEASE NOTE THAT THE EVENTS LINK  FOR THIS ONLY GOES UP ON THURSDAY OF EACH WEEK. This is essential so that we do not breach the current regulations on social distancing, it is also to avoid possible disappointment if the numbers are too great. It is sufficient to have only the name and telephone number of one person in the family/couple/household attending.  If you are unable to access by this means please contact Father Neil.  As part of this you will be asked to confirm that you give permission for NHS Test and Trace.  From this weekend it will be possible if you have the NHS COVID-19 App on your Smart Phone to check in by this method. If however, you do not book through this or the Microsite Ticketing System, you will be asked at the enterance to the church to complete a Form, giving your name and a contact telephone number and permission for NHS Test and Trace.  This said Government guidance clearly states that parishioners and visitors may opt out of sharing their name and contact details; you will not therefore be compelled to provide your name and number if you do not wish to do so. Please note that since this ticketing method is on the Diocesan microsite system, it is secure and GDPR compliant. Twenty-one days after the Mass, the names and contact information for attendees will be deleted automatically. It is important that you do not come to Mass if you are feeling unwell.

In short, the church can only open if it is safe to do so Volunteers are therefore essential.    So if you are able to volunteer as a Steward at the Masses and/or a “Sanitiser” of the church after each opening, please let Father Neil know.

Having determined that it would be impracticable to open at 2 meters social distancing, the church will be spaced at “1 metre +” this will allow 62 individuals to attend each Mass; obviously there is flexibility in this, since a household can sit in one pew together.  However, this provision requires that those attending must wear a face covering and  this is now mandatory.  There will be no toilet facilities available.  The “Cry room,” will remain closed and the Repository will only open on demand.