The Presbytery, Vale Lane, West Acton W3 0DY

Parish Priest: Father Neil Reynolds

Tel:  020 8992 1308 



Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time – 9th August, 2020


Mass Times:   Saturday 6pm.   Sunday: 8.45am. & 11.15am.

Confessions:  Saturday 5.30 – 5.45pm. ONLY.


Masses and Intentions for the week:


Saturday   Mass   6pm. Private Intention.
Sunday Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time  

Mass 8.45am.


Ronald Day RIP.

  Mass 11.15am. For the People.
Monday S. Lawrence, Deacon & Martyr Mass 8am. Sheila Roberts RIP.
Tuesday S. Clare, Virgin Mass 8am. Derek Peters RIP.
Wednesday NO MASS Father Neil’s Day Off.
Thursday   NO MASS Father Neil’s Day Off.


S. Maximilian Mary Kolbe, Priest & Martyr


Mass 10am.


Our Polish worshippers.

Day of abstinence ie the eating of meat is forbidden.

Saturday No Morning Mass  or Confessions
    Mass 6pm. Private Intention.

Mass 8.45am.


Brother John Hegarty S.G. RIP.

  Mass  11.15am. For the People.

Please remember in your prayers: Sick:  Charlie Camilleri, Luisa Zinali, Conor Barry Keane, Tania Damianova, Vanessa, Anne & Lucas James.

AUGUST:  Although not a month dedicated to Our Lady as such, does contain one very important Marian celebration, namely, the Assumption of Our Lady, NEXT Sunday     16th August, which celebrates a fundamental dogma of our Catholic Faith, that Our Lady at the end of Her earthly life was taken up Body and Soul into Heaven, since by reason of Her Immaculate Conception in the womb of Her mother Saint Anne she should not suffer the consequences of original sin and thereby preserving the Body that had borne the Son of God from earthly decay.

N.B. Due to the current situation, Father Neil does not expect to be taking a holiday during August and so after some thought and in compliance with the Cardinal Archbishop’s request in a recent letter to his priests which acknowledges the possibility of this reality:  “take care to have a time of rest, as best you can,” Father Neil has decided that, beginning from this coming Thursday 13th August, he will take Thursday in addition to Wednesday off and that the Saturday morning Mass and confessions will cease from this coming Saturday      15th August, 2020.   Things will resume as normal in September.

WEEKEND MASS ATTENDANCE:  Those wishing to attend Sunday Masses should book via the Parish Microsite which can be accessed at: once on the site click “Events” in the blue left hand column, read the information and scroll down to the Blue Box “Book a Place” when all will become clear. This is essential so that we do not breach the current regulations on social distancing and it gives the information necessary if required for “Track and Trace;” it is also to avoid possible disappointment if the numbers are too great.  If you are unable to access by this means please contact Father Neil.  As part of this you will be asked to confirm that you give permission for NHS Test and Trace.  If however, you do not book through the Microsite Ticketing System, you will be asked as you enter the church to complete a Form, giving your name and a contact telephone number and permission for NHS Test and Trace. It is sufficient to have only the name and telephone number of one person in the family/couple/household attending.  This said Government guidance clearly states that parishioners and visitors may opt out of sharing their name and contact details; you will not therefore be compelled to provide your name and number if you do not wish to do so. However, please note that since this ticketing method is on the Diocesan microsite system, it is secure and GDPR compliant. Twenty-one days after the Mass, the names and contact information for attendees will be deleted automatically.   It is important that you do not come to Mass if you are feeling unwell.   Having determined that it would be impracticable to open at 2 meters social distancing, the church will be spaced at “1 metre +” this will allow 62 individuals to attend each Mass; obviously there is flexibility in this, since a household can sit in one pew together.  However, this provision requires that those attending must wear a face covering and this is now mandatory.  There will be no toilet facilities available.  The “Cry room,” will remain closed and the Repository will only open on demand.  In short, the church can only open if it is safe to do so, Volunteers are therefore essential.  So if you are able to volunteer as a Steward at the Masses and/or a “Sanitiser” of the church after each opening, please let Father Neil know.