Sacramental Preparation

Welcome to Sacramental Preparation:


Intial requirements:

As parents, will need to be members of the Parish of The Holy Family, West Acton and to live within its boundaries.  You will need to have been attending Mass regularly every Sunday prior to the application for Baptism.  If only one parent is a Catholic, he or she will need to be involved in the parish, but it would be very good if the non-Catholic parent were involved too, as far as circumstances allow.

Having considered this carefully speak to the Parish Priest (Father Neil Reynolds).  Please telephone to him on 020-8992-1308 to arrange a mutually convenient time to arrange a meeting with him at the Presbytery or in your home.  It is never possible to discuss these matters after Mass or on the telephone.  A face to face meeting is the only way.  At this meeting the Catholic party or parties should have available for the priest to see a copy of their Baptismal Certificate, ideally evidence of the chosen godparents practice of the Faith should also be available for the priest to see.  At this meeting you will also be asked to complete an Application Form and a mutually convenient date for the Baptism to take place can be discussed then, but please note that Baptisms only take place twice a month, usually on a Sunday, at 11.15am Mass, this may mean that another family will be involved on the day, a reality that only serves to reinforce the fact that Baptism is not a private occasion, but is something that involves the whole Church.  Please note that since Baptism is a Sacrament of Easter it is not celebrated in the season of Lent.  Dates and times are allocated on a first come, first served basis.  Please do not arrange dates with family and friends, or book party venues without discussing the date with the Parish Priest.  Further, although, there are no official fees for Baptism, it is customary to make a monetary contribution towards Church expenses.

Protecting your privacy – Your personal details will be stored and used by the Parish for the purposes of conducting and administering the Sacrament of Baptism. Church Law requires some of your personal data to be entered in Registers and stored permanently. Details of how we process your data, and your rights, are on the full Privacy Notice and can be found at:


Classes for the children already enrolled in the First Sacraments Programme (Reconciliation and First Holy Communion in 2021) resumed on 7th September, 2021. There is an expectation that those enrolled in the Programme will attend one of the weekend Masses at Holy Family Church.

With the lifting of all restrictions in church around capacity, social distancing and the wearing of face-coverings it has been decided that it is no longer necessary to use the booking system for Sunday Masses.  This said, those with children enrolled in the First Holy Communion Programme are asked to continue to do so, as it provides a means for monitoring their Mass attendance.  THEREFORE…

Please book for these Masses via the Parish Microsite

Classes for those children from Year 5 who still need to complete the Programme of Preparation for their First Holy Communion also began on Tuesday 7th September.  The Year 5  children to whom this applies should if they are not already doing so resume their Weekend attendance at Mass this coming weekende, please book for these Masses via the Parish Microsite 

CURRENT YEAR 3 CHILDREN:   Applications for those wishing to enrol in the 2022 Programme will be available in November, providing there are no new restrictions imposed; by then this/last years Holy Communions will be completed.   However, please note, that only those who reside within the Parish boundary, or have to date habitually worshipped here or are already registered as Parishioners here will be able to do so.  Unless, therefore, you meet one or more of these criteria I regret that I must ask you to contact the Parish in which you reside to join their Programme of Preparation.  I only mention this now, as I am conscious that some Parishes may already be inviting children to come forward to join their Programmes for 2022, and I would hate you to delay in approaching them and find that they have already closed their intake.

Please continue to monitor this Parish Microsite, as further information will not be included in the School Newsletter.


Please contact the Parish Priest for information.


Would you like to become a Catholic?  Would you just like to know more about the Catholic faith?  Are you a Baptised Catholic but have never been Confirmed?  Perhaps you are not a Catholic but are married to one and come to Mass with them? If so, then please contact Father Neil.