About the Parish

The Parish is in the Deanery of St Albans. The church was built in 1909 and consecrated in 1967.

Our parish can trace its origins back to the early 1900’s. It was established by Father Henry Hardy who used to travel along the canal with his pony and trap to establish mass centres, which eventually became parishes. He was related to the famous Captain Hardy who was present at the death of Nelson. Fr Hardy established Sacred Heart originally on Park View Road and today the former church is a commercial office. Fr Hardy would travel the canal between Boxmoor, Berkhamsted and Tring celebrating masses.

In 1962, Father William Campling MBE came to Berkhamsted and set about finding land to build a church for the growing parish. He found his plot in Park Street– his brother Edward was appointed as the architect and the local firm of Donald Lockhart did the actual building and so they all worked together to build a church for the Catholic community in the town.

The church has a large crucifix of the risen Christ the King over the altar and unique Stations of the Cross which were made in Italy.
The church was officially opened by Cardinal Heenan on June 4th 1967 – who, in his sermon, emphasized the importance of the parish church being the centre of the community. The parishioners at the time worked hard to clear the parish debt and after selling some of the land for housing the debt was cleared, subsequently the church was consecrated by Cardinal Basil Hume on September 15th 1980.

At the same time a new Catholic school was built, Saint Thomas More, as the original convent school in North Road had also outgrown its demand for places. Links between the parish and school have always been strong. The parish has been active now for 110 years and during that time has been served by 8 parish priests.

The parish is vibrant with lots going on – for all ages. Baby and Toddler groups, youth groups for all school aged children, a candlelight club for the elderly.