Welcome to the website of the Roman Catholic Church of Our Lady of the Assumption, Bethnal Green.

We are delighted that you have found our site and hope it provides you with the information you need. Our address is:

Assumption Priory
Victoria Park Square – Bethnal Green, E2 9PB – LONDON

We would love to hear from you, so please feel free to contact us:

Tell: 020 8980 1968

Email: bethnalgreen@rcdow.org.uk

Parish Safeguarding Representative

Nethliee La Croix



Mass Times

Monday – Friday: 12.15pm
Saturday: 9.30 am; 6.30 pm
Sunday: 9.30 am; 11.30 am

Holy Days of Obligation: 12.15pm; 6.30pm
Bank holidays: 9.30 am

Priory Chapel: Monday – Friday at 7.30 am

Adoration: Wednesday 11am-12am
Confession: Saturday 5.45pm – 6.15pm


The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary


Masses at 12h15pm & 6h30pm


Chinese Mass:

Sunday: 2.15 pm

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