Mass Attendance during the Pandemic

To attend Mass you must book your place by either contacting the
presbytery on 01992629878 or or texting
07939436482 or emailing This should be
done by midday on the Friday before the Mass you wish to attend
so that the numbers can be checked and seating allocated

  1. The numbers at each Mass are set and cannot exceed 40 due to the
    size of the church and the need for social distancing.
  2. If you intend to come to Mass regularly at the same time and day
    you can go onto a ‘regulars list’ and then only need inform us if you
    are NOT coming to Mass.
  3. If  you would like to have a Mass for your family’s special intention
    (eg an anniversary) and would like to invite a large number of your
    family to this, please give plenty of notice as it will be necessary to
    determine if a special Mass should be celebrated to accommodate
    the numbers coming.
  4. All Mass attendees need to have given their contact details. These
    will be held for three weeks from the last Mass they attend for
    purposes of ‘track and trace’.
  5. You should arrive at Mass ten minutes before it is due to start.
    Your booking will lapse if you are not in your place before Mass
  6. Attendees have to wear masks and sit where the stewards direct
    them. No furniture is to be moved by attendees.
  7. When going up to receive the Sacrament you must keep 1 metre
    from the person in front of you and follow the arrows on the floor.
  8. Those seated in the upper part of the church should not move out
    of their seats until all those below have received Communion and
    returned to their seats.