First Holy Communion / Reconciliation

Children are prepared for these Sacraments in one of two groups.

Children who attend St Paul’s School and whose families worship at St Paul’s Church usually attend classes after school (catechist Sue Allen).

Due to the Pandemic normal preparation arrangements have had to change. The 2000-21 cohort who had been due to take the Sacrament in June 2021 were prepared mainly online and were able to take their First Holy Communion in October 2021.

Planning is taking place for the current Year 3 and the children in Year 4 who chose not to be prepared this year, to begin their preparation in January 2022. Registration forms will be sent out during November 2021.

Children who do not attend St Paul’s School, attend preparation classes in the church between the 9:00AM and 11:00AM Masses (9.45 am 10.45 am) from October to May (Catechists Pat Stevens and Patricia Oparah).

Due to the pandemic the children in this group due to take the Sacrament in May 2021 were not able to be prepared. This year’s class therefore includes anyone from Year 3 upwards in a non-Catholic School and began on October 3 2021.

Please note: All children should be at least seven years old, baptised and belonging to families registered at St. Pauls.