St. Paul’s school teams up to help London’s homeless

St. Paul’s school teams up to help London’s homeless

Children from St. Paul’s school were among 14 Catholic schools across London and Hertfordshire that took part in a joint action to help the homeless this winter. 

Caritas Westminster coordinated the project – which was timed to coincide with the international Catholic World Day of the Poor. Items ranging from winter essentials and hygiene items went into St Vincent de Paul Society’s ‘Vinnie Packs’ for distribution by charities and community groups to homeless and other vulnerable people across the country. Caritas Westminster also helps with distribution of the packs. 

Headteacher of St Paul’s parochial primary school, Katie Worton-Geer, said the school was “delighted to take part”. “The children all thoroughly enjoyed packing the boxes and knowing that they were helping others. It was also a good opportunity for us to help teach the children about the importance of social justice and how we can make a difference through our prayers and actions.”

One child at St Paul’s said: “I really enjoyed making the Vinnie packs because I like helping others just like Jesus tells us to in the Bible. 

Another child commented, “The boxes had lots of warm things in like socks and gloves to help the homeless on the streets over the winter month. The packs also had face masks in to help keep the people safe.”