Confirmation – applications can now be submitted for Confirmations which will take place in spring / summer 2022. The course will start in January 2022. Closing date is 6th January 2022. Please read this if your child wishes to be Confirmed.

Confirmation completes our baptism and strengthens us to take up our role as full members of the Church by witnessing to God’s love in our words and deeds.

Candidates are enriched with the sevenfold gift of the Holy Spirit: given wisdom and understanding, right judgment and courage, knowledge and reverence; filled with the spirit of wonder and awe in God’s presence.

Confirmation is celebrated during Mass, usually by a bishop, who imposes his hands on the candidates’ heads and then anoints them with Chrism on their foreheads, saying: “Be sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit.”

In our parish, Confirmation is conferred on those in year 9 or above after a period of suitable preparation.

To apply for a place on the course you will need to email with the following information;

  1. child name, address and contact numbers for parent/guardian
  2. date of Baptism IF AT ST.AGNES. If Baptism was anywhere else attach a copy of Baptism Certificate including full address of the church where Baptised. Your child will not be registered until this is received as we need to inform the church of Baptism when Confirmation takes place. 
  3. you should be attending Mass on a regular basis
  4. name of school and year they are currently attending
  5. please let us know of any special needs so we can fully accommodate every candidate


We will be running the course in accordance with the latest Covid-19 guidelines.

A non-optional enrolment meeting will take place and a parent or guardian plus the candidate will be expected to attend. Any non-attendees will not be accepted onto the course. We will let you know the dates for the meeting once we have all the applications in as we will have to make sure we comply with Covid-19 guidelines.

Usually the sessions are during term time on a Monday evening at 7:00pm in the St.Agnes Centre. Candidates are expected to be on time and to attend every session. They will be expected to show respect and maturity towards each other and the Catechists. They will be expected to attend Mass on a regular basis assuming Masses are up and running. They will be expected to participate in some form of charitable activity.

Each candidate will need to choose a Confirmation name which will be the name of a Saint they admire. They will also need a Confirmation sponsor who must themselves be Confirmed and over the age of 16. The sponsor cannot be a parent of the Candidate.

Contact us for more information on 020 8452 2475.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Elizabeth Sayer