Enquiry Stage

First of all, congratulations on your new baby! We will do everything we can to help you with your baptism (“christening”) arrangements.

If Farm Street is not your regular church of attendance, we will need a letter of permission from your local Parish Priest or the Priest of your church of regular attendance, so that your baptism may take place at Farm Street.

Initial enquiries regarding the use of Farm Street Church should be sent in writing to the Parish Secretary, 114 Mount Street , London W1K 3AH.

Your letter of enquiry should contain your names and address with contact details, the baby’s name and the proposed date (approximately) for the baptism. Along with your letter, please join the completed Baptism Information Form.
If you do not normally worship at Farm Street, we will need a letter of consent from the priest of the church where you attend Sunday Mass.

After writing to us, we suggest that you come along to Mass some Sunday and meet the clergy! There is coffee in the Hall following the 9.30am and 11am Masses. The Secretary will be in touch very soon after receiving your letter. Normally you should start making enquiries no less than six weeks before the baptism date.


The priest here will be meet with you some time before the baptism to discuss the meaning of the Sacrament and the nature of the ceremony.

Choosing a name for your child is very personal and this choice is usually made by the time the baptism is being arranged, but please bear in mind that a child should have a Saint’s name as part of his or her Christian identity.

As far as Godparents are concerned, you may have as many as four, although it is normal Catholic practice for a child to have one Godfather and one Godmother. At least one godparent must be a practising Catholic.

Photographs and videos are permitted. The Parish Hall is not available for hire, but we can help you find venues in the local area.

Should there be small children in attendance, they are most welcome. They might like to use the Ignatius Chapel which is on the left-hand side facing the main altar and is enclosed with sound-proof glass.


We are gratefully for any contribution you can make to our church. A donation of £150-£200 might be a guideline (Gift-aid envelopes are available for UK tax-payers). Cheques should be made out to “Farm Street Church”.

Should you have any queries about the baptism service, please contact any of the parish clergy.