Enquiry Stage

Initial enquiries regarding the use of Farm Street Church should be sent in writing to the Parish Secretary, 114 Mount Street , London W1K 3AH . Your letter of enquiry should contain your names and addresses with contact details and the proposed date (approximately) for the wedding. Please also state your religious affiliation and whether you have ever been married before.

In order to celebrate the Sacrament of Matrimony in the Catholic Church, at least one of you must be a Catholic. If you do not normally worship at Farm Street, please state the name of the parish where you normally attend Mass and give the reasons you wish to marry here.

Please remember that it is important to approach the church first before making your plans for a reception venue. No dates will be confirmed until you both meet with a priest from Farm Street.

The Secretary will be in touch very soon after receiving your letter. Normally you should start making enquiries no less than six months before the proposed wedding date.

If you have a situation that you would prefer to discuss with a priest prior to writing, the secretary will be happy to arrange an appointment over the phone.
Please note you must not have a civil marriage (Registry Office) performed prior to the Church wedding unless by special arrangements with the church.

Essential Documents

  1. A letter from your local parish priest confirming that he has no objection to you being married in this church.
  2. Declaration of Freedom to Marry for each party, notarised by a Commissioner for Oaths (Solicitor).
  3. A currently-dated baptismal certificate from the church where you were baptised.
  4. From your local Registry office: a certificate for each of you which permits you to be married. These must be applied for as soon as possible and not less than fifteen days before the wedding. The certificates must be given to the priest by law before the ceremony so please deliver them as soon as possible. It is absolutely essential that the certificates are presented since the wedding cannot take place without them. The Legal name of the church is “Farm Street Church”.
  5. A Marriage Course certificate (see below).
  6. A £30 cheque, adressed to WRCDT, for mixed marriage or mixed religion couples. This is to cover administration costs for the Diocese of Westminster.

Marriage Preparation

Your wedding should be the culmination of much prayer and reflection. Your priest will guide you in this process. To assist you in this, it is required that both of you attend a Couple’s Course in a parish near to you or at St Mary Moorfields near Liverpool St Station, Holy Apostles, Pimlico.

Order of Service

You may choose to have a Nuptial Mass, or a Wedding Service without the celebration of the Eucharist. Please consult with the priest helping you regarding this question.

For your convenience, please consult the Order of Service for a Nuptial Mass and the Order of Service for a Wedding Service.

There is a choice of readings and music to be made in either case.

The readings are listed in the respective Order of Service, so please click on one to view them.


The music provided must be from our Parish organists. The Director of Music is David Graham may be contacted via this special Farm Street Music team mobile phone 0750 420 9811, or preferably by email David is at the church every Sunday morning and most Saturdays so he will invite you to the church on a Saturday or Sunday morning for a personal discussion regarding the music.

Please contact the Director of Music at least four months before the date of your ceremony, especially if you are getting married between April and October.

The fees are: Organ only £260; Organist & Soloist £475, Organist with Full Choir (9 professional singers, organist and choir director) £1,425. (These fees include the time you spend with the Director of Music discussing the music for your ceremony as well as rehearsals with the choir and/or soloist.)

The choir, choir director and organist are professional musicians, hence the fees they charge and any recording of their work is part of their professional status. If you wish to record your wedding, you will have to purchase a Copyright License as well as having to pay additional fees to those performing the music, as required by law. The Director of Music can give you more information.

Please note that only sacred music can be used at weddings in our church.


The flower arrangements must be from our dedicated florist. Malcolm G. Hazell and his team are responsible for all flower arrangements in the church. You may ring him on 0207 538 8484 or 0773 937 1282; or email The Flower Shop, 9 Pepper Street, London E14 9RB.


You can employ any photographer you wish and they will be allowed only at designated places in the church. The use of video cameras is permitted with the same conditions and without additional lighting. The Director of Music will advise on additional charges when video cameras are used.


Under no circumstances is the use of confetti of any kind permitted either inside or outside the church.


We suggest an offering of around 10% of the total wedding cost, payable to “Farm Street Church”. If you are a UK tax-payer, this should be gift-aided (an envelope will be provided).

Should you require further assistance or clarification, please do not hesitate to ask.

It is our wish to make your Wedding Day as memorable as possible.