About the Parish

Our parish is over 150 years old. It grew from the needs of Irish labourers working on the viaduct of the Great Western Railway. Masses were celebrated for years in private houses, when the parish was officially opened in 1853. By the 1860’s a church was built, designed by Edward Pugin, son of Augustus Welby Pugin. This church served the growing community for nearly a century, but by the 1960’s the church was too small, and was replaced in 1967 by the present building, designed in the post-war style, a concrete building of striking design.

It was dedicated to Our Lady and St Joseph and boasts a prominent sculpture of the Holy Family outside and above the main doors. 2010, saw the completion of a major renovation of the church, making it not only a striking but also a very beautiful place of worship.

The parish is now a thriving cosmopolitan community, with a Mass attendance of over 1000 parishioners each Sunday. There is a Parish Centre, which houses a Social Club and a hall, and is used for many activities throughout the week.