CWL Old Time Music Night

p1000517 p1000516 p1000515 p1000514 p1000513 p1000518 p1000523 p1000504 p1000519 Old Time MusicalGreat evening of entertainment, great meal as always and raised over £600 for CWL Charities.  Thanks to everyone who made it possible.



Mass and Lunch for the Housebound

p1000144 p1000145 p1000148 p1000149 p1000150 p1000151 p1000152 p1000153 p1000154 p1000155 p1000156 p1000157 p1000158What a great occasion for all involved, the Mass was wonderful, thanks to Fr Paul and Fr Derek and the choir and as usual the meal was amazing, thanks to Anne Hudson and all the CWL for all their hard work.




CAFOD Bike Ride

Yet again a great turn out on Sunday with lots of parent helpers and children peddling for CAFOD.P1030977 P1030998 P1030989 P1030990P1030986

CWL – Queen’s 90th Birthday Tea

A fantastic, well supported afternoon with lovely sandwiches, tea and cakes and marvelous singing from Just Acapella. As for the quiz? – I don’t think even  Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth would have been able to answer all those questions!!!


Great afternoon

Thanks CWL – photos to follow

Children’s Cycling for CAFOD

Kids 2A Group 1A CakesA ReadyA Who wants more cakeA What a crowd.Ajpg PROTECTOR OF THE HARIBOa HELPING HANDWhat a great event – a little windy but at least it stayed dry.  About 26 children came to cycle or scoot  in aid of CAFOD. The 2 to 6 year olds had their little circuit while the 7/8 year olds peddled like crazy round the outside of the set course in Our Lady’s car park.  Great support and help from the parents and granny’s, granddads, and parishioners.  One of the hardest things was blowing up the balloons!!!!!  Well done Andy for your organisation and Sean for keeping the Haribo’s out of reach.

What a Great Celebration of the Easter Triduum

It was a wonderful celebration, thanks must go to Frs John and Derek for the way in which they celebrated all the Masses and the Passion on Good Friday and everything in between.  The church was packed throughout, the music was good, the flowers at the Vigil and beyond were sensational. It was truly an inspiring, moving 3 days culminating in the joyous celebration of Easter Sunday.


Fr Stephen’s First Mass in the Parish

Fr Stephen & YvonneWhat a great and very happy occasion at the 11.30am Mass this morning when Fr Stephen celebrated his first Mass in the Parish where he grew up. It was also  very emotional seeing Fr Stephen standing on the altar, many parishioners old and new came to support and show their love and affection for him.  I think we are all very proud to know Fr Stephen, having watched him grow up in the parish and he gave an excellent welcome and homily, recalling all those who have helped on his journey, past and present parishioners, family and clergy.  He gave his first blessing to many who could not make his Ordination and then we enjoyed a wonderful reception in the hall.

May God Bless you Fr Stephen.

Fr Stephen’s Ordination

What a great day. Journey down was good, 32 from Hemel on the coach with others going separately by car. Arrived at 10.30am and thought it wise to go straight into the church to get a seat.

It was a joyous occasion and Fr Stephen was glowing. I think we were all very proud to have watched him grow up in the parish and come to this great day. Everything went well, the choir were superb with wonderful music to enhance the Ordination and Mass. The Church was packed which was a sign of the great love and respect people have for Fr Stephen.

May God Bless him on his journey.Stephen Receiving Stole Chasuable Canon Christopher Blessing 1 Canon Christopher Blessing Bishop and Stephen Family Fr Hugh, Bishop & Stephen Stephen & Bishop Stephen face to face with BishopApologies for quality of photos, stuck behind a pillar.