Pre-marriage courses

corsiprematrimonialiPre-marriage courses prepare the couple to receive the Sacrament of Marriage.

A certificate of attendance is among the necessary documents required to celebrate the marriage in a church.

Attendance to the pre-marriage course is to be considered morally compulsory for both members of the couple, regardless of whether one of them is of non-Catholic faith. We understand that every now and then, for health or work reasons, you may miss one of the meetings, but we would like to underline that if this happens on a regular basis the couple may not be adequately prepared to receive the Sacrament of Marriage.

The meetings, led by Father Carmelo di Giovanni, will be held on the Parish premises.

The pre-marriage course consists of ten meetings, taking place on a weekly basis. Each meeting lasts approximately one and half hour. The courses are offered both in Italian and English. Check with the Parish Office for dates and times.

The course entails coming face to face with other couples, who also are preparing themselves for the Sacrament of Marriage. All the participants will share their religious experiences to better understand the significance of such an important step, explore issues such as conjugal and family life, discuss human values, as well as the ones of the Marriage Sacrament and of the Christian family. Particular attention will be drawn to crucial matters such as respect, loyalty and faithfulness within the couple.

The course will also cover and explain in more detail the various documents which are required to celebrate the marriage. These documents will change according to where the marriage will be taking place and the faith of the members of the couple. To read more about the necessary documents, please click on the following links:

At the end of the pre-marriage course, attendees will not be required to sit an exam, instead they will enjoy an informal party, held on the Parish premises, with food and desserts prepared by all the participants.

For further information or to register for a pre-marriage course, please contact the Parish Office.